New reports are coming in stating that former President Barack Obama was once humiliated by Queen Elizabeth after he broke her royal protocols during a banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Royal experts told the U.K. Express that back in 2011, Obama tried to propose a toast to the Queen as the orchestra started playing “God Save the Queen.” The then-president was sitting between the Queen and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at the time when he decided to stand up and address guests by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, please stand with me and raise your glasses as I propose a toast to Her Majesty the Queen.”

The orchestra of the Scots Guard took this as a sign to begin playing the national anthem, and Obama continued his speech by referencing William Shakespeare before raising his glass to the Queen. Obama was then both confused and embarrassed when the Queen did not respond.

While royal spectators accused the Queen of “humiliating” Obama, royal protocol dictates that the Queen cannot raise a glass to herself. In fact, she thanked Obama by accepting the toast, and described his comments as “very kind words.” The next day, Obama joked that the musical mishap was “like a soundtrack” to his speech.

Obama’s wife Michelle also broke royal protocol at one point when she touched the Queen while visiting Buckingham Palace. In the 2020 documentary “Michelle Obama: After the White House,” Hollywood star Whoopi Goldberg talked about how much she “loved” this moment.

“I know people got crazy,” Goldberg said. “She’s touched the Queen! You know, but she didn’t melt. She didn’t disappear. Now, I’m sure she doesn’t want a whole bunch of people touching her, because I don’t want a whole bunch of people touching me.”

“So I figured protocol does not change, but every now and then I think something happens where she goes, ‘I’m going to mark this occasion… and nobody will ever forget this,'” she added. “I just wanted to tip my dread[locks] to her. I just thought it was the most marvellous thing I have seen.”