The Democrat Party has affected a strange tendency as of late, say the last decade or so, when it comes to black candidates for national office. It seems to favor black candidates without ties to the typical African American experience of slavery, Jim Crow, and the travesties therein. Barack Obama’s father was Kenyan and his mother was Caucasian. He is a first generation American. Kamala Harris’ father is Jamaican and her mother is Indian. She is also first generation American.

Thus, they seem to be particularly unacquainted with the high status clergy enjoys in the African American community. They are less aware of the struggles of Rev. King and Rev. Abernathy than they are of the political posturing of Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton. As such, ignoring black pastors at a community event may seem like a trifle to them. But it won’t seem that way in the African American community, where the Church still holds a primary place of esteem and influence.

FNC: “A pastor in Connecticut said the lack of clergy at a local event hosted by Vice President Kamala Harris is ‘an insult to the Black community.’ The Rev. Boise Kimber, speaking on behalf of the Greater New Haven Clergy Association at a Monday press conference, said it was insulting that he and other faith leaders were not invited to Harris’ event at the Boys and Girls Club of New Haven, the New Haven Register reported.

“New Haven is predominantly Black and Hispanic,’ said Kimber. ‘Not to have our leadership present at this visit was certainly an insult to the Black community that worked so diligently across this country to elect the first female vice president. We will not continue to be insulted by individuals that organize events and leave out the Black community,’ Kimber continued…’The bottom line is, [neither] President Biden nor Vice President Harris should ever go into a city without talking to faith-based people,’ said Kimber. ‘You can’t come into this city, or any other city, and not pay some attention to individuals who helped you to get where you are today.’ ”

“Of course we are committed to robust engagement when it comes to groups and folks in different cities,” a White House official told press. “Just to be clear, this was a small roundtable that did not have any guests and there was not an audience there.” That may play in DC. It won’t in New Haven.

In other recent Harris gaffes, the veep dropped her mask for a moment when asked about the border crisis. “Kamala Harris laughs at a reporter who asked her if she has plans to visit the border. Don’t believe this administration when they say they are serious about solving this crisis,” Rep. Steve Scalise, R-LA, wrote on Twitter last week. Not a good week for Harris.