The Fox News host Chris Wallace just called out Vice President Kamala Harris, saying that she might not “want her fingerprints” on the border crisis. He said this while discussing the fact that Harris has yet to visit the border despite the fact that President Joe Biden has put her in charge of the crisis that many say he created.

“It doesn’t seem that they have much of an answer to the crisis at the border,” Wallace said. “Maybe that’s the reason that they are not pushing it. And you know, it’s so interesting, because when the President first said that he was putting Kamala Harris, his vice president, in charge of the border, the sense was that he was putting her in charge of the border, the whole issue.”

“And then a day or so later, the clarification came, well, no, she is not in charge of the border, she is in charge of diplomacy with Mexico and with the northern triangle countries to try to stem the flow to the border,” he added. “She has had a couple of phone calls with top officials in those countries, but she hasn’t gone to the border, and she hasn’t gone to the northern triangle, and she hasn’t gone to Mexico, which kind of makes you wonder whether she knows this is a mess and doesn’t want her fingerprints on it.”

“When you see these videos that you have just shown of the kids being dropped from the wall or that little boy deserted in the desert or more importantly the tremendous and terrible overcrowding of CBP facilities, 20,000 people in federal custody, 172,000 border stops in the month of March — I think we’re way past the point where you can even pretend this isn’t a crisis at the border,” Wallace said. “It is. It’s a humanitarian crisis. It’s an immigration national sovereignty crisis. There’s no two ways around it. The question is, what are you going to do about it.”

The border has descended into complete chaos since Biden was elected. It remains to be seen if and how this crisis will end.