MSNBC Trashes Ted Cruz On His Family Heritage

Joy Reid hasn't the slightest clue about Latins.

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Joy Reid is perhaps, hard to be conclusive when there is so much real competition, the dumbest woman on television. Here she and a fellow mental adolescent try to attack Ted Cruz. It doesn’t go well for these two walking talking advertisements for repealing the 19th Amendment.

FNC: “MSNBC far-left host Joy Reid had quite a show on Tuesday, dismissing the notion the surge of migrants that has overwhelmed border facilities is a ‘crisis’ while allowing a guest to claim Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, ‘has pushed back against his Latino identity.’ Reid, who is coming off the lowest-rated week in the history of her show ‘The ReidOut,’ referred to the GOP as the ‘Grand Q Party’ and declared Republicans don’t care about unaccompanied children along the southern border. She played a montage of various Republicans calling the situation a ‘crisis’ before questioning if that was the correct term.” We’ll take this point by point.

“Yes, migration at the southern border is a genuine political challenge, an ongoing one that spans several previous administrations,” Reid said. “But is it a crisis as Republicans so desperately want the media to portray it as?” Ah, the Biden administration mantra of “challenge” not “crisis.” Could the gorgon be any more of a shill?

“For Republicans, their caterwauling is not about concern for those children. Let’s just be clear. Those children are just a prop for fear-mongering and doing the old brown scare,” Reid said. Old brown scare? Points for creativity, as how can it be old if it is not a term ever before used in the modern lexicon unless you count California liberals and their attitudes towards their gardeners?

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“I just have to get your thoughts on … Rafael Ted Cruz, who himself is a person of color, participating in that,” Reid said. “Your thoughts?” A leftist pundit on the show called Soto, any more detail would give the wretch the publicity she craves, responded by claiming Cruz “has never embraced” his Hispanic identity.” Ha! This Soto woman is now the Hispanic identity judge? Not quite. If she was she’d know that Latins never refer to themselves as “Hispanics”. That’s an Anglo term. Latins, like all my relatives, refer to themselves just as other Europeans do, by their country of origin. Person of color? Unless they are talking about their tan a Latin would never bring it up. It would be considered gauche. But then, as Reid defines gauche, it makes sense for her to idiotically intone it.

“I would argue that he has pushed back against his Latino identity. And I think the trickier part here is that, in framing his dad’s immigration to the United States from Cuba, he always is very clear to point out he was a political refugee, that he came here fighting communism. He didn’t want to be in that communist bastion that was Cuba,” said Soto.

Cruz and his family did not want to live under communism? What a disappointment for Reid and her pal. And as someone who actually has “pushed back” against parts of Latin culture, I can say it is interesting to see an SJW basically state that if a Latin does not effect the demeanor of Speedy Gonzalez or Zorro they are somehow not Latin enough. How viciously bigoted and how par for the course at MSNBC.

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