On Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” cohost Joy Behar said that Democrats should “ignore everything” when it comes to the sexual harassment allegations made against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), claiming that this would mean following the “Republican model.”

Behar said this after a clip was played in which Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) responded to the Cuomo scandal by saying, “Here’s what I would tell my Democratic colleagues to do, follow the Republican model. We had a Republican nominee for the Supreme Court be accused of something the day before we voted, the moment before we voted. We could have gone ahead and said this. It’s too late. You sat on it. It’s not fair. We stopped the entire damn process.”

“So, Joy, I can’t wait to hear your answer on this,” Whoopi Goldberg said after the clip ended. “What do you think about Lindsey Graham’s Republican model?”

“Well, yes, I do agree with them they should use the Republican model, which is to basically ignore everything like they did with Kavanaugh, they had no witnesses, they had a three-day investigation,” Behar said. “Rob Porter — remember him, physically abused two of his wives. I remember Trump said, ‘I wish him well.’ Didn’t they back up Roy Moore for a long time?”

“I mean, the Republican playbook is, let’s hope that this goes away, and let’s not really go into it,” she added. “So he’s right. We should use the Republican playbook because the Democrats do the opposite. A case in point, Al Franken, Senator Gillibrand, off with his head immediately, you know, he needs to resign, and a lot of Democrats got behind it. Now I noticed she’s changed her tune. Now she’s taking the Republican playbook to heart. Well, let’s investigate this time. Let’s see what the allegation comes to. So, yes, good, thank you, Lindsey.”

Behar’s cohost Ana Navarro had similar comments.

“The Republican model is to look away and look the other way and play dumb on the accusations against Donald Trump,” she said. “Look, it’s 2021. There is no excuse for some of the things that Andrew Cuomo is being accused of. No 65-year-old man should be asking a 25-year-old woman what her sex life is unless he’s her gynecologist. That is just inexcusable. I’m upset it happened last year. This wasn’t ten years ago. This was after ‘Me Too,’ this is after Time’s up. He should have known better. But I’m going to wait for the full investigation to come out and see what the truth is. I hope that happens.”