You have to hand to the anti-gun folks. Sometimes their ignorance is so incandescently dumb it glows. Odd, when you consider they’re talking about an issue to which they claim to be so dedicated. Gun control.

Gun rights supporters are used to stupid comments made by gun dumb politicians and activists. You’d think, after each new round of your understanding of guns is imbecilic, they’d educate themselves about firearms. But they don’t because if they did, their arguments would evaporate. They need lies to sustain their attack.

For example, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) has embraced gun dumb as if it were an appendage. She once gave a brilliant seminar on the specifications of an AR-15 rifle. I learned two things: First, apparently, an AR-15 is a machine gun. Second, AR-15s can chamber 50-cal. rounds.

My AR-15s can only accept .223-cal. and/or 5.56mm, which weighs 1 oz. when a .50 cal. weighs 8 oz. Rep. Lee also said an AR-15 weighs the same as “10 heavy boxes.” Strange quantifier. Boxes of what? An average AR-15 weighs about 6.5 lbs.

What’s weird is so many gun dumb people keep talking about banning guns when they know nothing about guns and despise the Second Amendment. Shouldn’t people to know the basics of the issues they’re involved with?

There are three aspects of the gun discussion I try to keep uppermost in my mind:


  1. Guns equal self-defense. If you are not allowed to keep and bear, the most practical tool for self-defense (a personal firearm), then you cannot effectively defend your life. Your constitutional right to self-defense preserves your God-given right to life. If the government ignores the Constitution and will not allow you to obtain, uninfringed, a firearm to protect yourself, your loved ones, and innocent bystanders from armed criminals, you do not have a true right to self-defense.


  1. Gun dumb people like Rep. Lee seem to believe a firearm can think and act on its own. She fears her colleagues carrying guns at the Capitol. When she sits in the Capitol Cafe with her colleagues, does she similarly fear one of them will stab her with a steak knife. Law-abiding folks who are armed will protect her from danger, not cause it.

How can I be so sure? Because a law-abiding gun owner is not any more likely to shoot me with his or her gun than a carpenter is to hit me in the head with a hammer, a dinner companion is to stab me with a steak knife, or my neighbor is to run me over with a car. The evil is in the person, not the object.


  1. Why do gun dumb people want to punish you for what criminals do? If someone down the street commits vehicular homicide, should the government take away Rep. Lee’s car? She didn’t commit a crime. Just like I, as a gun owner, did nothing wrong when another person commits a crime with a gun. The only difference is many gun control advocates’, like Rep. Lee, unhinged hatred of guns.

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  1. But the gun dumb are not content to wallow in their stupidity. No, they want to convert their belligerent ignorance into laws that abridge our Second Amendment rights. Remember, these government officials are people who have had armed protection before this legislation, and they will continue to have armed protection long after they’ve taken your gun rights away from you.

You’ve probably seen the problem with the gun vs. car argument. It relies on reason and logic, always a big mistake when dealing with gun dumb bullies. The thing we have on our side are the millions of Democrats who’ve also purchased guns ever since the Left threatened to limit Americans’ gun rights. FBI gun background checks, during the month of Papa Biden’s installation, have shattered all records. That’s 4.3 million background checks.

The Democrats have been making it easier for criminals to avoid arrest, avoid charges, avoid incarceration, and to be released from jails and prisons. People are scared—Democrats, Republicans, libertarians, and everyone else. And after making people less safe from criminal predators, now the Democrats want to take away peoples’ means of self-defense. A nation that disarms its people, it’s not a free nation.

Rep. Lee’s gun dumb legislation is invasive and makes no sense in the real world. Consider these onerous restrictions if H.R.127 – Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act passes:

  • National gun registry of all firearms and ammunition.
  • Ban .50 cal. ammo (I guess, for all those AR-15s).
  • Mental health evaluation to buy guns and ammo.
  • Ban magazines that hold over 10 rounds even for handguns.
  • Gun owners must purchase mandatory civil liability insurance.
  • Gun owners must purchase an $800 per year national license to own a firearm or ammo.

I wonder what poor and limited income folks think especially about the last two. I thought the Democrats were the defenders of the poor. Guess self-defense is reserved only for the well-off, eh? People like Rep. Lee.

What is the result of H.R. 127 if it were to pass? Mind-numbing gun dumbness. There is no valid reason, logic, or necessity for this unconstitutional legislation. It is pure irrational tyranny from a radicalized Democrat Party that fears what it does not—want to—understand. However, folks like Rep. Lee know, when it comes to enforcing the Democrats’ political re-education or indoctrination they’ve been talking about, it’s far easier to impose such tyranny on an unarmed population than on armed Americans. Which is precisely what the founders intended.