Someone I know very well recently told me a poignant story I’d like to pass along. I’ve changed the names to protect the innocent, in this cancel culture atmosphere. Jill told me her first-grader, Molly, recently asked her, like kids do, out of the blue, “What’s a black person?” Jill said she was taken aback because she has so many family friends of many races and ethnicities who Molly sees often, including friends who are black.

Molly’s best friend, Denice, comes over weekly with her mother, Nancy, for a “project day” they’ve been doing since the CCP virus hit. It’s a part of a joint home-schooling arrangement they have.

Nancy is white, her husband, Jeff, Denice’s father is black. So, Jill told her daughter, “you know Jeff, right? He’s black.” She said Molly appeared incredulous when she giggled and answered, “He’s not black.”

Jill said, “Yes, he’s black.” She paused and then added, “and you’re white.” Molly laughed again and said, “I’m not white.” She held up a sheet of white printer paper next to her arm. Molly, a young child, thought of black and white quite literally. Black like ink and white like milk.

Then Jill said she thought it might be a good thing that her kids were not back in in-person public school. She said she’d heard so much lately about school districts adopting a Marxist BLM curriculum and teaching critical race theory (CRT) she was afraid for her kids. She doubted her daughter would be so wonderfully unaware of what a “black” or “white” person is.

Hearing her daughter ask such a naïve question about race made her feel good that apparently, Molly didn’t see race—she saw people. She didn’t see skin color as any different than the difference in someone’s height, weight, hair color, or eye color. People were different in certain ways, but they were the same in most ways.

Jill told me she is both reluctant and anxious to send her kids back to public schools if the unions ever allow it in her prison state. She’s afraid of the neo-segregationists who want to make sure innocent school children of all races see skin color and ethnicity as their most important traits.

Jill said sometimes she shudders at sending her kids back to public school, although she’d truly like to where school districts are adopting curricula that are historically illiterate garbage like the 1619 Project. Being a teacher, Jill is now considering continuing homeschooling to save her children from the growing leftist political indoctrination in public schools.

I thought, had Molly remained in a public school classroom for this past year, being in a school district that is pro-BLM and that has kicked cops out of schools, it seems likely she’d know more than she should about her and her friends’ insignificant, immutable physical traits.

Public schools are indoctrinating children as young as five all over the U.S. As Michael McCaffrey wrote at, “Under CRT, Martin Luther King’s dream is abolished, as racial identification is mandatory, and white children are taught self-loathing and black children to embrace victimhood.”

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I recently heard Glenn Beck comment on this insanity but regarding gender. “They want boys to reject their masculinity and girls to reject their femininity.” Even in traditionally red states, such as Texas where Beck lives, parents still need to worry about the onslaught of racialist and gender non-conformist propaganda in public schools. Because even in red states there are deep blue cities, counties, and school districts.

I was thinking about this insanity, where educated adults either don’t know or don’t care that they are politically indoctrinating their students with zero regard for parents’ wishes. Then I thought about school performance in blue jurisdictions, and maybe I shouldn’t be so worried.

Leftist school districts are perennially some of the most under-performing in the nation. High dropout rates, low test scores, reading and writing proficiency underwhelming, and pathetic mathematical abilities that couldn’t solve their way out of a wet paper theorem.

Sometimes I wonder if we really have anything to worry about. If the blue public school districts can’t teach those necessary skills who says they can teach political propaganda any better? Seriously, though, these leftist indoctrinators believe their political ideology—a religion, actually—is more important than traditional and essential academic skills. So, the teachers care more and try harder when delivering propaganda.

Sarcasm aside, we do have to worry because political indoctrination is different than ordinary academics. Whereas English grammar, math, history, and science come across as true academic disciplines that some students eschew, teachers deliver CRT/BLM-Marxist propaganda with passion. It’s more akin to adults imparting life-affirming advice to children.

Students aren’t taught to think objectively like they have to with traditional subjects. Instead, they’re told what and how to think about sociopolitical concepts. In fact, critical thinking is the last thing leftist educators/indoctrinators want their students to do.

Maybe Jill is right to consider keeping Molly away from the leftist government brainwashing that is proliferating in America’s public schools. But, even better, perhaps Jill should challenge these school administrators and their child-abusing school curricula. There’s nothing academic lefties hate more than pushback from passionate, knowledgeable parents who simply want their children to learn the three Rs, science, and history. In particular, American history, including the lamentable wrongs as well as the tremendous good America has done for its people and for the world.

The Discovery Institute’s Chris Rufo has been doing some magnificent work, calling attention to and fighting CRT/BLM-Marxist propaganda in public schools. You can find out more about his fine work by reading his Wall Street Journal article, The Truth About Critical Race Theory, and by checking out his Summary of Critical Race Theory Investigations.