Many of us in the media are sick and tired of writing about race. You must find it tedious as well. But as it is the only card the Democrats play, well that and socialism, we are forced to cover it. The focus on race for an obvious reason, to divide and envenom the American people against each other for their own political benefit.

An example of this is the recent Democrat media treatment of Senator Joe Manchin, Democrat of West Virginia. Manchin is opposing the appointment of hard left partisan Neera Tanden to OMB. He’s opposing her on merit, as she is not qualified for the position. She is also of Asian heritage. So, of course, the Democrats are alleging racial bias because, as noted, that is the only card they have.

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FNC: “Democrats are wrong to argue that Sen. Joe Manchin’s opposition to the nomination of Neera Tanden to head the Office of Management and Budget stems from bigotry, Laura Ingraham said Wednesday. ‘Manchin’s decision wasn’t arbitrary, it was sensible,’ began ‘The Ingraham Angle’ host. ‘Tanden, like so many other Biden Cabinet and sub-Cabinet picks … is an obscenely stupid and polarizing choice. A venomous hack, Tanden has sprayed conservatives, including sitting U.S. senators, with gratuitous and groundless attacks. She is also a conspiracy theorist and Russia hoax super-spreader.’ Ingraham played several clips in which cable news hosts alleged that the West Virginia Democrat’s opposition to Tanden is because she is a woman and a person of color.” Not exactly a surprise.

Ingraham: “Why not just defend the nomination on substantive grounds? I can tell you why. Because Tanden’s qualifications are really flimsy, that’s why. Raising money for left-wing causes and attacking Republicans on the internet hardly qualifies you to run the Office of Management and Budget. Democrats are making huge mistakes by vilifying people like Manchin, while elevating hard-core radicals like Tanden. Biden is going to find out the hard way that voters, they didn’t give him a mandate to remake America. His only mandate was maybe to deal with COVID and reopen America. And we know Dr. Fauci isn’t about to let that happen anytime soon … Republicans will be there every step of the way to remind those voters of the party that kept them locked down and which party wanted then to be free.” Bingo. Those who are irresponsibly advocating abandoning the Republican Party forget that, like it or not, they are the main bulwark against Democrat authoritarian socialism.

As for Manchin, Ingraham notes, Democrats “patronize and humor” him when they need his vote … at this point, it’s just obvious that they simply hate him, and they hate his constituents, as well. Imagine … being a member in a club that detests you and the people closest to you. I can’t, either.” Joe Manchin likely gets that. His votes will reflect it.