GOP Rep. Tim Scott Defiantly Says ‘America Is A Good Place’ – ‘I Believe In The Goodness Of This Nation’

Praising America may not be seen as “hip” or “cool” in the eyes of the left these days, but Republicans still love this country as much as they ever did. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) showed this once again on Monday night, when he sang the praises of America while discussing his own political future with Trey Gowdy on Fox News.

“The bottom line is that, I, like most Americans, believe that there’s dignity in all work,” Scott said. “We believe that hard work pays off. I, like most Americans, believe that my value comes from God, not from government. We believe in hand-ups, not hand-outs. We believe that we should help those that cannot help themselves, not those who will not help themselves.”

“I’m a person who understands redemption because I’ve been redeemed,” he added. “That is the story of America, and that’s a story that we should all be motivated to share with our fellow Americans. America is a good place. I believe in the goodness of this nation. And if we sell that, because it’s true, America will be far better off tomorrow than it is today.”

Scott also called into question the “hurry” among Democrats to pass Joe Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” in the Senate when “less than 20%” of the previous spending bill has been passed at this time.

Are you embarrassed that Joe Biden is our "president"?

“It is way too early to negotiate a $2 trillion package or a trillion dollar package when a $900 billion package that we approved has not been spent,” Scott said. “The question is, what’s the hurry?”

He went on to call on Congress to “take a step back and find out how to effectively manage this virus. I would say that perhaps we’re already there, but we won’t know because we haven’t spent all of the resources deployed to help America recover from this global pandemic.”

“In South Carolina, you don’t spend money you don’t have,” Scott added. “Let’s just use common sense to decide where we are and is that good enough.”

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