Republicans, conservatives, and independents have varying views on the Senate impeachment trial. While a clear majority support the former president, there is disquiet amongst Trump supporters and others, some who reject the constitutionality of the trial, regarding the performance of his defense team on Tuesday. We talked to various people about the day. Anonymity was given when requested.


Monty Warner, a Washingtonian Republican: “Today demonstrated once again that Trump does not know how to hire staff. Period. Not how to hire lawyers; and not how to hire comms folks. Sad.”

From an Independent conservative Southern cleric: “I found Raskins’ video remembrance of
The assault very compelling and his personal story touching. Cicilline’s presentation was incisive. Castor seemed nervous and his presentation lacked punch.”

“It is a partisan political performance unconnected to the day-to-day concerns of most Americans, in my opinion,” said a New York resident. “It is a sinful waste of time and money, particularly at this trying time. Our country needs to heal and we need to pull together. This sham is doing neither. We need jobs. We need infrastructure. We need solid border policies. We need to educate our children far better than we’re currently doing. All of these issues and many others are being compromised and minimized. While violence and destruction are not to be tolerated, this sham does not move us forward in any way whatsoever.”

Brandon J. Weichert, noted author and writer: “The Senate trial is the inevitable result of Trump’s fostering of fake news for four years coupled with the political class’ abject hatred of both Trump and the ordinary Americans who dared to vote for a political outsider over the Democrats’ anointed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, in 2016. The Senate trial is their last act of political revenge that was only made possible by Trump’s insane behavior in the final few weeks of what would have been remembered as a mostly successful presidency.”

Shelly Mateer, Editor, Opslens: “I cannot believe my tax money is going to pay for this farce. What a waste of time and money. A total sham.”

Professor Tim Blessing, Alvernia College, “For what should have constituted a fairly simple & clear preliminary argument in favor of the Republican point of view–the behavior of Trump’s attorneys suggested that they, perhaps, had received their law degrees from some night school that advertises on the back of match books. It was an embarrassment that lost the vote of the senior senator from, of all red states, Louisiana.”

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Lisa Pendleton, in Stefon mode: “Set in what once was the epicenter of the free world, this club has all the makings of a modern day Gomorrah. Designed and run by club manager Toad the Wet Schumer, this club answers the question, ‘Seriously?’ It has everything. A communist academic crying in the corner, a judge and simultaneous juror, and a well-dressed dementia patient rambling on incoherently about the Civil War. And while you are there, don’t forget to check out the VIP room. Guarded by a drunken crone with an ice cream fetish, the room can only be accessed by giving her the password “the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming…”