Remember when the Democrats first found out about COVID-19. While the rest of Washington stood in solidarity, the Dems decided to run and hid, claiming the virus was going to change the world as we know it. Now, a few months later and we are still here. As for the Democrats, they are now using the vaccine the Trump Administration created to help fight the spread. The only problem, the Democrats can’t remember where they put over 20 million doses of the vaccine.

Sadly, you read that right. The Democrats have supposedly misplaced over 20 million doses of the highly sought after COVID-19 vaccine. But don’t worry, here is a spokesperson to tell you everything is going to be alright. The official said, “It’s the Mike Tyson quote: ‘Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.'”

While the saying doesn’t give a glimpse as to when the vaccine will be ready or if they will ever find the dosage, it is beginning to show the cracks in the foundation of the Democratic party. They are not ready to take on an entire country. President Trump founded the vaccine and made it available to the public. All the Dems had to do was distribute it, and guess what – they can’t even do that.

The report that was released showing the details of the Democrat’s blunder also shows that the vaccines might just be sitting in a warehouse waiting to be used. The report said, “the crucial supply is boxed away in warehouses, sitting idle in freezers or floating elsewhere in the complex distribution pipeline that runs from the administration to individual states.”

Again, we are not even a solid month into the Biden Presidency, and we are already seeing signs that he and his administration are way out of their depth. First, they slammed Trump for claiming a vaccine would be ready before he left office, now the Dems can’t even deliver it without making a complete mess.

While the writing is on the wall for Biden and America is seeing how incompetent he is, the sad news is we are only at the beginning of a four-year journey. Remember, Biden hasn’t even completed his first 100 days and he is already drowning.

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on February 2, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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