In Tuesday remarks from DC on his way to an event in Texas, the president has taken some responsibility for the attack he incited on the Capitol last week. But he also still believes his speech before the assault was appropriate. Thus, his limited acceptance of blame won’t go very far. Too little too late.

FNC: “President Trump acknowledged that he bears some blame for the Capitol riot last week during a conversation with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, a source familiar told Fox News. Two sources say McCarthy R-Calif., relayed the president’s sentiment on a call Monday with the House GOP Conference. McCarthy, on the call Monday with Republicans, agreed that Trump bore blame for the unrest which sent Congress into lockdown as they tried to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election last week.”

McCarthy, it is rumored, wants to proceed on four fronts dealing with the attack and the larger picture. CNBC: “The four options detailed by McCarthy purportedly would ensure that what happened is ‘rightfully denounced and prevented from occurring in the future.’ They include: ‘A Resolution of Censure under the Rules of the House,’ ‘A Bipartisan Commission to Investigate the Circumstances Surrounding the Attack,’ ‘Reforming the Electoral Count Act of 1887’ and ‘Legislation to Promote Voter Confidence in Future Federal Elections.’ ”

But the president wasn’t only contrite on Tuesday. He also followed his usual form. He said, “We want no violence, and on the impeachment, it is a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics.” He just doesn’t get that last week’s world is gone. The same messages seem irrelevant. Trump also said his speech last week was “totally appropriate.” With that statement, the president separates himself from the majority of America. He either doesn’t care about that or is too far gone to notice.

Even former staunch MAGA fan Judge Jeanine Pirro had this to say Monday, “I want to be clear. The actions at the United States Capitol three days ago were deplorable, reprehensible, outright criminal. These frightening and repulsive actions represent the most significant breach on our Capitol in over 200 years. And I don’t care what happened in the past and or whether those who did it think the election was stolen. That is not justification. Stop looking for other people to blame, including those dirt-bag terrorists antifa. To those of you who did this, you did it, of your own will, and you will be held accountable. Take the veil of politics off.” She also said the pro-Trump rioters were a “bunch of freaks.” Well now.

Another big MAGA type has also changed his tune. Texas Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick said, “There are no excuses for those who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday. Five people died. And, sadly, it appears that most of the protesters inside the Capitol were Trump supporters.” Patrick jettisoned the president on Trump’s current trip to Texas.


Pirro, Patrick, and the nation understand what happened last Wednesday. The president, it seems, may never grasp it.