Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue has officially been censured by his board, which voted to muzzle him after the pro-Trump CEO questioned the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The nine-member board of Goya Foods voted to censor Unanue last Friday by a majority vote, according to the New York Post. They did this after Unanue, 67, described the results of the election as “unverified” on the day Joe Biden was inaugurated.

“I think this is mission accomplished. Mission accomplished by the union, the partnership, the conglomerate of social media, Big Tech, big media, and government, big government, for ushering in the dawn of a new world order — this great reset — with an unverified election, and the big prize is the United States,” Unanue told Fox Business on January 20.

This was reportedly the last straw for board members, who initiated the process of a censure vote just two days later. Their vote to censure him means that Unanue will no longer be allowed to speak to the media without the board’s permission.

“Bob does not speak for Goya Foods when he speaks on TV,” Goya board member and third-generation owner Andy Unanue said before the vote. “The family has diverse views on politics, but politics is not part of our business. Our political point of views are irrelevant.”

An antonymous source told CNN that this vote was a “full stop” on Unanue speaking to the media about both politics and the company itself, claiming that “his statements are insulting and dangerous.”

Unanue has confirmed that he has been censured, although he refused to comment on it directly for obvious reasons. Instead, he claimed that he would refrain from publicizing his political views in the future.

“Independently, I’ve made the decision to lower the temperature and walk away from speaking about politics and religion,” he said. “I realize it’s important because of the diverse views of the company and our market.”

“I don’t believe I should speak politically or in a faith-based manner on behalf of the company,” Unanue added. “But I leave open the possibility of speaking on behalf of myself.”