On Tuesday’s episode of the ABC talk show “The View,” Meghan McCain said that White House senior advisor Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner “need to be held accountable” in the wake of the Capitol riots last week.

“They’re talking about police departments all over the country, about possible domestic attacks on all Capitols from domestic terrorists,” McCain said. “We’re living in a time that it feels like we’re in a banana republic.”

“I don’t understand why people on Capitol Hill aren’t demanding that this end, because as long as we take no culpability for what happened, and I say we as the collective Republican Party, there’s no future for the party,” she added. “There is none if the president is going to keep saying things like that, and we’re not going to hold him accountable. This is dead. We can call it over.”

McCain’s cohost Whoopi Goldberg then chimed in to say, “All of those folks sitting there, knowing that this is a lie, for me, this is treason. You know that this is a lie. This has been predicated on a lie the entire time. And y’all just sit there and let it happen. You are the problem.”

That’s when McCain zeroed in on Ivanka and her husband.

“His family needs to be held accountable for this too,” McCain said. “Don’t let Ivanka and Jared off just because they are not saying anything right now. Apparently, they’re in hiding. Do not let these people off the hook.”

“All of these people need to be held accountable,” she concluded. “The reason why I never sounded the five-fire alarm before this point in time is because I always thought maybe there was a moment when it would be an absolute, utter, cataclysmic constitutional emergency, which is where we truly are at right now. Don’t let anybody off the hook. I beg everyone.”

This comes one day after McCain referred to the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol of being “domestic terrorists,” adding that they should be sent to Guantanamo Bay.