I just sent this letter to Washington State Secretary of State Kim Wyman. I’ll let the letter (with very slight changes) speak for itself, but after I wrote it, I thought I’d share it for two reasons. The way the 2020 election theft is unfolding, I know there are people in other states who suspect the same thing that is happening to President Trump and his voters is also happening to local and state candidates and voters in their states (even in non-swing states). If nothing else, this may encourage others to nudge their state’s political leaders to grow an interest in investigating their state’s election integrity.

State of Washington

Secretary of State Kim Wyman (R)

The banking system is on shaky ground, but Chuck Norris has a plan to protect your wealth ...

December 29, 2020

Dear, Secretary Wyman,

I felt compelled to respectfully let you know how livid I am about these current national and state election “inconsistencies.” As a retired cop, government corruption or inverted justice always crushes my soul. I’ll be honest and say, I believe you are a nice person whom I would probably enjoy chatting with over a cup of coffee or pint of some tasty microbrew—if his lordship, Gov. Jay Inslee, would allow restaurants to open fully. However, I have to say, though I voted for you in 2020, I was “holding my nose.”

I can’t say how disappointed I was when you did not challenge abhorrent gun laws such as resulted from I-1639. It’s sponsors and authors broke so many rules and laws to pass it, it had so many holes in it, you might have thought it had been used for target practice—by a squad of U.S. Marines.

The banking system is on shaky ground, but Chuck Norris has a plan to protect your wealth ...

I mean, I’m a retired cop with over two decades of service to Seattle, including as a field training officer. I already own guns. I am a qualified LEOSA officer authorized to carry in all 50 U.S. states and territories. Yet, because of that stupid law, I recently had to take a test and wait 10 days to get my new gun. Where is the “science and data” in that?

Now, you seem to be doing the same thing for something even more in your wheelhouse: the 2020 state election between Gov. Jay Inslee and Chief Loren Culp. I’ve heard some pat comments but have yet to hear you speak out vigorously in support of transparency in state and national elections and for a full investigation and audit into what look like blatant attempts to steal elections.

I’m writing to you because after watching the so obviously bogus presidential election results, I don’t trust our Washington election results either. How can I? I’m also writing because I’ve heard from so many other voters saying the same thing. How could Loren Culp have garnered such a massive groundswell of support and lose so significantly to a very unpopular governor who, like Joe Biden, barely campaigned?

In September, my wife and I drove to Idaho for a few days of sanity. Driving there and back across Washington, we couldn’t help noticing the huge Culp support and no support for Inslee. The only Inslee sign we saw had his name preceded by an expletive beginning with “F.” But that’s eastern Washington, where reasonable people still live.

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Then in October, my wife and I took a long motorcycle ride through several western Washington counties. We saw so many signs supporting Culp like we’ve never seen for a candidate for governor. Signs were displayed on both homes and businesses. I know this is anecdotal, but we saw zero signs for Gov. Inslee, including in King County. Also, we did not see a single Inslee bumper sticker on any car but plenty for Culp.

In Seattle, we saw very few Inslee signs and even saw some Culp signs in that far-leftist, Democrat stronghold. In fact, days before the election, my son was working in Seattle and, during his commutes to and from, he saw Culp for Governor sign-wavers at intersections in traditionally Democrat neighborhoods.

Again, anecdotal, but when I saw what had happened nationally, when I realized just the fact Biden can’t have gotten over 80 million votes after not campaigning, could not have won so many fewer counties than President Obama, have lost Ohio and Florida, and lost 13 of 14 bellwether counties, and not cause a red flag to go off in this retired cop’s brain.

Shouldn’t we do an audit of Washington state’s election machines? As I understand it, only one county in the state uses Dominion voting machines, but I have no reason to trust any of those machines. Then I read about an allegation by Culp attorney Stephen Pidgeon. He says nearly 900,000 “votes cast in the 2020 gubernatorial election appear to be from voters not registered in the Washington state’s voter registration database.” Has this alleged discrepancy been reconciled? Is it possible that President Trump may have even won Washington State? Unless the state (and nation) does a deep and forensic audit, with this tainted election, we may never know.

Pidgeon claims the results of the gubernatorial election were predetermined. It’s hard not to agree with him after what we’re seeing nationally. In fact, this comment from Pidgeon is eerily reminiscent of what President Trump’s lawyers and supporters have claimed happened in the national election.

“When you have a candidate [Inslee] who doesn’t campaign, who doesn’t raise funds, who doesn’t put out any bumper stickers or put out any yard signs and then declares himself the victor before the first vote is counted, you have an indicia that somebody knew that the numbers were prefixed,” said Pidgeon.

What this also does is validates my wife and my anecdotal observations while crisscrossing the state. Gov. Inslee acted all along like he “knew” he was going to win. As if it were “predetermined.” Was it predetermined? Do you know, Secretary Wyman? I’d like to know. Why has candidate Loren Culp had to sue you to get you to audit the ballots? If we as voters don’t know if the election was fair, how can we ever trust another election in this state or in this nation?

Respectfully yours,

Steve Pomper