This is a real question: What are we supposed to do with our rage if the Democrats are successful in stealing this presidential election? I will not tiptoe around the issue, using “alleged,” “possible,” or “probable.” There is just too much credible evidence it happened. I mean… come on, man!

One day before the election, Investor’s Business Daily published, “Why Do Democrats Pretend Voter Fraud Doesn’t Exist?” They write, so far in 2020, Texas AG Ken Paxton has “prosecuted 33 people for 97 counts of voter fraud….” They added, “Among the discoveries was a voter fraud ring that had received financial support from the former head of the Texas Democratic Party.”

The result of the forensic audit of an Antrim County, MI. Dominion voting machine speaks for itself. Obviously this was election fraud, and that was only one county. So, it’s no mystery why, according to the Tennessee Star, Michigan’s Democrat attorney general and secretary of state attempted to block the results of this audit. If there was no fraud, why would they do that?

This is not to say I’ve given up on President Trump winning an election he’s already clearly won (a New England Patriots fan, I remember the Pats being down 28-3 in the third quarter against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI). But I’d be lying if I didn’t think I hear the fat lady humming in her dressing room.

As a retired cop, criminals getting away with crime bothers me. Especially when there’s such a massive amount of evidence the crime happened. This is true whether it’s leftist militants getting away with rioting or when one political party gets away with stealing a presidential election from another political party—in the United States of America of all places.

It’s hard to argue with a straight face that this election is not being stolen in real-time right in front of our faces. We’re watching the crime, watching the criminals, watching the evidence, and watching as our nation’s election integrity evaporates. I won’t go over the individual items of evidence (Sharyl Attkisson does a great job of that) because they are too numerous. I’ll just point to a few unassailable items.

President Trump had statistically insurmountable leads in the swing states on election day when those states mysteriously stopped the vote count. Fulton County, Georgia even lied about a burst pipe to excuse its delay so they could count in secret.

After the swing states stopped counting, Biden surmounted Trump’s insurmountable leads by unexplained, amazingly timely, spikes in ballots counted for VP Biden. Wee-hours-of-the-morning ballot dumps were the rule in those states, which caused Biden to suddenly go ahead of Trump. In Pennsylvania alone, Biden overcame a 700,000 or so deficit to go ahead by some 50,000 votes. How does that happen? It doesn’t.

Laughably, VP Joe Biden supposedly received some 80 million votes without campaigning, the most votes by a staggering degree than any other presidential candidate in history—even more than President Barack Obama.

This huge number is not evidence of Biden’s popularity or even, as some lefties contend, of Trump’s unpopularity. But I am wondering is, if this absurd number is more evidence of tainted voting machines transferring votes from Trump to Biden, even in uncontroversial states to boost the popular election count. That staggeringly high number of votes for a man who didn’t campaign, would not take unscripted press questions, and whose cognitive abilities are dubious is literally unbelievable.

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So, what will happen if the radical neo-Democrat-socialist left does steal the American presidency. What outlet will the Right have to process emotionally such a national disgrace and assault on America’s integrity that will affect our children and grandchildren for decades? Where does our rage go?

Conservatives won’t loot. Conservatives won’t riot. Conservatives won’t destroy their communities. Conservatives won’t cheat to win an election. But conservative rage must be channeled in some direction.

After Obama’s election and his one-sided onslaught against our rights in his Congress, the Tea Party provided conservatives an outlet to vent their anger. But things were different then. Tea Party demonstrations were not nearly as molested by leftist radicals as today. Today, too many local and state governments tolerate leftist militants assaulting conservative demonstrators.

Now, if Trump supporters go out and demonstrate, they are risking injury and even their lives. I’m not saying Trump supporters shouldn’t take risks for the cause (although, in America, they shouldn’t have to). I am saying it’s one more thing that will keep many normal people at home, which, I’m sure, is a part of the Left’s plan. After all, it’s normal for people to avoid pain.

One concept you hear when you study civil societies is violence is unnecessary in free democratic republics because the people have a legal recourse to right wrongs and address grievances through the ballot box. But what happens when Americans can no longer trust the ballot box? If the Left steals this election, which is looking more possible every day, what recourse do the theft victims have left?

How hollow does it sound when they say, “We’ll just beat them at the next election?” Especially when it’s evident that illegal votes counted in swing states invalidated Americans’ legal votes in the other states.

They say, elections have consequences. Well, if that’s true, what kind of consequences does a stolen election have?

And it’s not only the far-left Democrats Trump supporters are battling. The legacy media, and even Trump’s own DOJ, covered up alleged wrongdoing by Biden and his clan in China and other nations. AG Barr said he withheld this info so as not to “affect” the election outcome. But that’s exactly what he did. This coverup reportedly has a significant percentage of voters for Biden saying they would not have voted for him if they’d known about the several scandals the media and DOJ covered up. Now the legacy media are reporting on the “baseless misinformation” as if it’s a new news story.

Social media also did its bit for the Biden campaign by its censoring of all things bad for Biden and amplifying of all things bad for Trump. This had to have swayed some voters from Trump to Biden. And since election day, social media has done everything it can to keep valid information about election fraud away from the American people.

So, Trump supporters are rightly enraged by the damage done to American elections legacy and social media have done. As I alluded to above, the never-Trump, thin-skinned, petty Republicans have disgraced themselves, aligning with the election-stealing Democrats over Trump Republicans.

Which brings me to my surprise when AG Bill Barr put out a statement saying the DOJ found no evidence of fraud that would have changed the election results. Even if that statement is literally true (did they even look?), why offer this cudgel up to the Democrats? Barr had to know his unsolicited comment would hurt President Trump and his supporters’ fight for election integrity.

AG Barr seems to be ignoring significant evidence of election fraud. There’s no evidence the DOJ or FBI have mounted any serious investigation. Barr may indeed be a great man, as many reputable defenders argue. History will be the judge. However, according to several news outlets, Barr said, Trump is acting as a, “deposed king ranting.” So, isn’t it understandable for Trump supporters to wonder why Barr would be so petty as to provide the left with such a potent sound bite, as he’s headed out the door?

I thought a lot of things about Bill Barr when he became AG, but thin-skinned and petty weren’t among them. Does he not think President Trump is entitled to his frustration after all the Left has put him through these past five years? Is the damage a Biden administration will probably inflict on the future of the United States not enough for him to put the nation above being personally tweaked by the President’s negative comments?

I sometimes wince at President Trump’s personal attacks. However, he is the consummate counterpuncher. Barr seems to be feigning aloofness by not acknowledging his earlier comment about there not being enough evidence of voter fraud was a punch in Trump’s gut. And also, in the gut of every American who supports the President and wants free and fair elections.

And we’re finding we can’t even count on the courts, which are supposed to offer recourse to injured parties. So far, we’ve mostly had decisions from courts populated with partisans who’ve reflexively ruled for the Democrats, declining cases on administrative technicalities rather than on the merits to camouflage their bias or cowardice.

And now we’ve seen even the U.S. Supreme Court abdicate its responsibility to restore some integrity to America’s elections and to be a champion for Americans who voted legally. With my friends, I’ve tried to defend the Court’s decision. I figured if justices I admire like Barrett, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh arrived at such an incongruous decision, maybe there’s a valid reason.

Then I thought more about their sidestepping the merits of the case by declaring Texas et al. had no standing to sue because they were not an injured party. Okay, then here are a couple of observations from a lowly retired street cop. I can’t seem to come up with a valid argument that legal voters in Texas et al. were not injured by illegally counted votes in the swing states—in a national election. After all, I could be wrong, but how do illegal votes not invalidate legal votes, which then leads to a likely bogus election result?

Another point is SCOTUS has original jurisdiction. States have no other option but SCOTUS when they suffer an injury by another state. Take the definition Cornell Law provides, which reads, “The original jurisdiction of the Court is laid out by statute in 28 U.S.C. § 1251. Section 1251 (a) provides that with one type of dispute (disputes between states), the Court’s jurisdiction is not only ‘original,’ it is exclusive. In other words, if the parties cannot settle the matter, no other court but the Supreme Court has authority, under the Constitution, to take jurisdiction.”

On a more personal note, rather than rage, I feel sad for President Trump, whom the Democrats would not allow to enjoy a single minute of his first term, even impeaching him over a total fraud. And now, even if the President prevails against an infernal tempest, which includes both “friends” and foes, and gets a second term, the Democrats have stolen the joy of what was likely a landslide election. We know it was a landslide because until about 3 a.m. eastern time when the voting in several states suddenly stopped and ballot dumps and voting spikes occurred for Biden, it was a landslide win for Trump.

Now, the Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has unilaterally congratulated Biden and Harris for this steal. Sen. McConnell is congratulating a man who’s coming into office under a cloud of multiple federal investigations into his family’s alleged foreign corruption enterprises. With “friends” like the never-Trump and establishment Republicans, who needs Democrat enemies?

In conclusion, I’ll re-ask my original question. Americans are watching as one major political party is stealing a national election from the other major political party. It’s happening in real time, and right in front of our faces. Almost out of options because of the general political antagonism toward President Trump and for we deplorables who voted for him, again, what are we supposed to do with our legitimate rage? Yes, this is a real question, and I wish I had a real answer.