Greg Gutfeld is funny and incisive. Along with Mark Steyn, he probably is the cleverest and wittiest conservative with a major media platform. Even when the topic is not humorous, Gutfeld can bring mirth to it, as he does to the subject below.

The lust of the PC crowd knows few bounds. Not a fun lust that can get you thrown in jail overnight in Mexico D.F. for being a tad too publicly accommodating with a stripper named Caliente (trust me on that one), but a lust to erase history and then rewrite it to comport with authoritarian socialist narratives. They’re all over that one.

In San Francisco, it’s, as usual, proceeding apace. Gutfeld brings us up to date. “You know what I like to do when my house is on fire? Change the doormat, so it’s more welcoming. Before it had my name — ‘The Gutfelds’— but I realize that it could be offensive to people who aren’t Gutfelds. So I’d change it to ‘Welcome, my nonbinary, noncisnormative people and nonpeople of color.’ Then they can enjoy the flames of class warfare like the rest of us.” If I didn’t have a moat I’d totally use his doormat concept.

“For example, the Democrats on the San Francisco School Board are still pushing to have President Abraham Lincoln’s name removed from Lincoln High School, because he didn’t care enough for black lives. You know, even after ending slavery and dying for it.” Yeah, 300,000 Union dead, slavery abolished, and the nation saved. But no high school.


What does a guy have to do to get a high school named after him in San Francisco? What…that? Uh, no. Not for a high school. An entire university, including the grad school? Well, we can at least talk about it.

“Lincoln ain’t the only one. Paul Revere, President Herbert Hoover, even Sen. Dianne Feinstein are names to be banned. President Trump called this: you start with this statue, and pretty soon it’s every statue.” Revere? What manner of outrage did he commit? Oh yeah, I forgot. He’s a white male. Hoover? Well, not my favorite president, but a great pre-president. His organizational talents prevented starvation in Russia right after WWI. Is that his crime, not killing enough communists through famine? I doubt it. And their own Diane Feinstein, who has done leftist heavy lifting for decades? Not even a cursed male. What gives?

“So, well done San Francisco. You’ve solved the big problems. As your city descends into a fecal, druggy stench of ignorance and inequality, at least you got some pretty names for schools. But since they’re empty, just call them all ‘toilets’ and flush all your problems away.” Somehow I doubt the new names will be pretty. Che Guevara High School just has no inherent beauty. But then in San Francisco, nothing much does anymore.