Black Lives Matter is a racist terrorist group. In essence, they are a darker version of the Klu Klux Klan, as both groups use terror to achieve their brutal ends. Both have murdered. Both have burned down buildings and targeted innocent people for savage violence. Black Lives Matter is just doing it currently and has the support of a leftist press and popular culture. Both, of course, have had the support of the Democrat Party. But one city is fighting back against BLM. That city is Detroit, Michigan.

FNC: “The city of Detroit is trying a new tack during a year in which it, like many other U.S. cities, saw violent protests and destruction in the streets. Detroit has filed a lawsuit against Black Lives Matter activists, alleging a ‘civil conspiracy’ and claiming the protests in the city ‘have repeatedly turned violent, endangering the lives of police and the public,’ according to reports. The city claims the activists participated in the conspiracy, ‘defamed’ the mayor and police, and contends that the city should be awarded damages, The Intercept reported. The city cites four protests that occurred in the city this year, and alleges that injuries to police officers included ‘cracked vertebrae, lacerations, and concussions,’ according to the report. The repeated violence should negate BLM protest group Detroit Will Breathe’s claims that the demonstrations should be protected under the First Amendment, the city asserts, the report said.”

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Radical leftist Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Democrat of Michigan, opposes the suit. “The city is even threatening to sue protesters, an unthinkable assault on constitutional rights. Many are not even bothering to actively seek out a dialogue about the protesters’ desires for our communities, much less the unnecessary attacks against them. We will all be judged for the actions we take today, and I cannot in good conscience remain silent as people’s rights are being trampled on and a movement to save lives is stifled.”

Detroit Police Chief James Craig responds. “If someone is resisting arrest, or trying to attack our officers, we will use the force that’s both reasonable and necessary to overcome the resistance,” he told the Detroit News. “We don’t want the protesters injured, and we don’t want officers injured, either.”

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The City of Detroit commented, “Public criticism of the Detroit Police Department is free speech and always allowed. However, the Plaintiffs acted together to violate the law and sow unrest. That is where we draw the line.” As they should. When terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter are able to operate with impunity all lives suffer, especially black lives who see their neighborhoods occupied by these murderous thugs. We hope more cities sue and by this method and others rid America of this racist terrorist plague.