The Biden campaign must think Americans have no memories of the Obama-Biden administration. The jobless recovery, the lagging investment portfolios, the eight years of little growth. Over the weekend on CNN Pete Buttigieg tried to lie about the Trump economy and compare it badly with the Obama travesty.


Tim Murtaugh of the Trump campaign set him straight. “They have no idea what they are talking about when they are talking about the Biden economy. Murtaugh said that the Biden economy was ‘stagnant. Wage growth was stagnant. When President Trump took over the economy skyrocketed. Wage growth for the bottom half of wage earners grows faster than those at the top of the scale and the president, we just saw it the other day–record GDP growth. The biggest record growth in one quarter in American history…The president took the Obama economy and turned it around…They can’t revise history now and claim it was something that it wasn’t. We all lived through the Obama years. We know what was happening there. It was not a vibrant economy, it was stagnant. The president is the one who lit the fuse and the economy took off like a rocket ship. Everyone knows that.’ ”

What was Murtaugh responding to? Here is Buttigieg, “He inherited the Obama-Biden expansion, slowed it down, but, the economy continued expanding until his disastrous handling of the pandemic–ran it into the ditch that it is [in] now in where we still have something on the order of 20 million Americans out of work,” Buttigieg told Jake Tapper on CNN on Sunday. “President Trump’s idea of a good economy is one where the wealthiest are doing well. Joe Biden’s idea of a good economy is one where we all of us are doing well.”

Wow. Buttigieg lies blatantly, with no shame. That’s where we are in this country. One of our major parties is an enormous con job. The Democrats know that their twisted dark lies will increase the hysteria of the deluded guttersnipes who follow their banner.

President Trump’s record breaking job numbers, lowest unemployment rates for generations, highest job rates ever for women and minorities, a dynamic Wall Street, trade successes, are all lied about by the Democrats, as if they never happened. And when they were happening Democrats were grousing. Because they’d rather see the president and the country fail than stay out of power. Democrats have for at least 50 years actively worked to hurt this country here and around the world. They have submarined much so they could then complain about things and problems they created. All in a sick treacherous obsession with control over the lives of others. Hopefully, they will not soon gain that control again. If they do, we may not get it back in our lifetimes.