Keeping our freedoms and our republic has never been easy work. 

It wasn’t in the 1780’s when our nation was formed.

It wasn’t in the 1860’s during the Civil War.

It wasn’t in the early 1900’s when we won World War I.

It wasn’t in the 1940’s when we defeated Hitler and won World War II.

And it won’t be now. 

Or in the future.

There are always going to be corrupt and evil forces working against us.

In 2020, it’s our own American citizens.

It is the democrat party and those who support them. 

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Some supporters are all-in on the democrats’ communist plans to destroy the country. Others are ignorant to their plans but support them anyway because they have a “D” next to their name.

The 2020 Battle of the White House could likely be lost to Biden and Harris if their voter fraud strategy is successful.

But the war goes on. 

The country is too important to throw up our hands, throw in the towel or step back out of politics.

You don’t let the enemy take over after loosing one battle because that will allow them to win the war.

We need to stay engaged in what is going on in our country.

We are the firewall.

Now is NOT the time to give up and ignore the future. 

Even if the media calls enough states for Biden to make his 270 electoral votes, we know that lawsuits will ensue from President Trump. So it’ll be a waiting game. A frustrating waiting game but it’s not over until it’s over. The media doesn’t decide who is president.

Even if Trump’s lawsuits don’t pan out and the enemy wins, we still have to keep engaged. 

That’s what the democrats do. They play the long game. They keep at it. They strategize for what they want to happen 20 years from now.

So we have to stay informed about what’s going on and keep fighting. 

Winners don’t give up and we’ve learned from Trump that we shouldn’t give up either. We fight no matter what.

We’ve learned from Trump’s presidency that when we govern conservatively, the country is economically prosperous for everyone. And we learned that we can have peace with the help of being energy independent. 

We have learned a lot from Trump.

We now know, because of all that President Trump has accomplished, that conservative policies work and are good for all Americans.

The democrats can’t stand that. They don’t want people to know that.

So they went after Trump personally instead of debating over policies. A debate that they can’t win.

In doing this, with the help of the leftist media, the democrats actually convinced people to vote against their own self interests because of their insane hatred of Trump.

We learned that as bad as Obama was, Trump was able to overturn most of what Obama did and that all is not necessarily lost even after four years of democratic madness.

The same could be true for the next Republican president after a Biden/Harris nightmare. We just have to survive the nightmare the best we can with the Constitution and our freedoms still intact. With the separation of powers still intact.

And it is promising to know that the country might not be going totally down the train if we are able hold the Senate which currently looks good.

This is HUGE. 

Yes, Biden/Harris will do damage with executive orders but they won’t be able to enact sweeping destructive polices like the Green New Deal or pass big tax increases. They won’t be able to pack the courts or add states to get new senators. 

It looks like their scorched earth plan to take power indefinitely has been curtailed.

Even Politico is reporting with their headline, “Biden looks screwed even if he wins.”

Politico says that Biden won’t have a huge win with a popular mandate and will lack the help of the Supreme Court and the Senate.

That’s what the Founders of the Constitution wanted. 

Slow progress. Separation of Powers. 

Difficulty in doing anything big and transformational.

So what we’ll end up is bi-partisan whining. 

Whining by the democratic progressives that Biden/Harris aren’t doing enough. 

Whining by the republicans that they are doing too much.

And with the loss of black and latino support for the democrats, the republicans have made many inroads for future elections. That is something that they need to understand and capitalize on.

Promises matter. Results matter.

They matter to Americans who have rarely had a president actually work for them.

Trump showed us what winning looks like.

And how to fight.

Just because we might lose our current leader doesn’t mean that we disband our army.

We don’t walk away because a battle might have been lost.

As radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said the day after the election, “Keep the faith. The America we love is going to be preserved.”

It has always been up to us to preserve America. Not just one guy no matter how great and powerful his supporters think he is. All of us.

Trump showed us how progress CAN be made. He showed us that we can win even when we have to fight the democrats, the media and our own political party. We just have to fight.

Trump is leaving us a blueprint on how to do it. How to make our country successful.

We can’t let corruption and evil win.

We live to fight another day.

The Harris/Biden administration isn’t going to get the economy back on track or help the country succeed in any meaningful way. 

We have to be successful in SPITE of them and make it through their darkness.

So take a break if you need to regain your sanity but don’t walk away from this fight.

Your country needs you.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on November 6, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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