Joy Behar showed once again just how bad her case of Trump Derangement Syndrome has become on Monday when she outrageously claimed that the United States would not have the highest number of coronavirus deaths if Hillary Clinton had won the election.

Behar made this comment while discussing the fact that Joe Biden has named an all-female communications team, should he enter the White House in January.

“I think Joe Biden is now demonstrating correctly that women can run things really well, and we’re all going to be a witness to it,” Behar said. “He’s got Kamala Harris in the second position, you know, that’s the first time we’ve seen that. Let the world see how well women can do when put in the spot when they can do the job.”

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“Joy, to your point, we know that women leaders have done really well when it comes to the pandemic response, right? Think about Australia and New Zealand,” her co-host Sunny Hostin said. “They’re proven to be effective leaders time and time again. If you look at any study, and I mean Harvard has a tremendous amount of data on this, women have in comparison to men, I hate to say it, but it’s true, have more leadership skills when given the opportunity. Unfortunately, oftentimes we’re not.”

That’s when Behar really came unglued.

“Don’t we all believe at this point — I know I do, if Hillary Clinton were president instead of Trump for the last four years, we would not have — we would not be number one in the world in COVID cases and COVID deaths,” she said. “I just believe that. I don’t think Hillary would have lied to the American people. She would have been interviewed by Bob Woodward, and she would have said, this is a terrible thing, and we have to clamp down on it right away. I know she would have done that.”

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We hate to break it to Behar, but COVID-19 was coming for the United States regardless of who was in the White House. Given the fact that Democrats accused Trump of racism when he banned travel from China, a move that saved countless American lives, we doubt that Clinton would have handled this unprecedented crisis better than he did.