Joy Behar Celebrates Biden’s Alleged Victory – Claims It Brings Back ‘Truth, Justice, And The American Way’

After various media outlets declared Joe Biden to be the winner of the presidential election over the weekend, Joy Behar celebrated like crazy on Monday’s episode of “The View,” saying that the Democrat’s alleged victory brings back “truth, justice and the American way.”

“I did have a — we had champagne, and we all had a great time with some friends in a safe environment, but, you know, a couple of things,” Behar said. “Number one, if we were going to cheat or if there was going to be any kind of fraud, why not do it in the Senate also? Why just the presidency? Might as well take the whole enchilada, so they’re completely illogical right there.”

She then praised her liberal cohost Whoopi Goldberg for not uttering Trump’s actual name once in four years.

“Second thing, I would like to congratulate you, Whoopi, having spent four years, and you never mentioned his name once,” she said. “I think you should get an Emmy for the best non-spoken word. OK? That’s another thing. Or a Grammy rather. Actually, it’s a Grammy.”

Not stopping there, Behar doubled down on how important Biden’s alleged win is for the country, in her eyes.

“I feel like, you know, this morning I said to Steve, what is that Superman always said? Truth, justice and the American way is back. It’s back,” she said. “You know, I don’t think that people understand. Today everybody should be happy because just picture in your mind what it could have been if he had won. It would have been the end of this country. It would have been the end of democracy.”

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“And I am not exaggerating. I am not exaggerating,” Behar said as she shamelessly exaggerated. “I believe in truth. He starts out lying, and he would just continue for another four years. We would never get out of this COVID disaster that we’re in. We would never have scientists if he were here. So please, everybody, take a breath and say thank you, America, for saving our country.”

President Trump has yet to concede the election, as he claims it was wrought with voter fraud that he says will be exposed in the various lawsuits he has filed in states across the country. Should Trump be proven right and end up in the White House for four more years, we can only imagine how much more unhinged Behar and her fellow liberals will become.

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