Democrats And The Rule Of Law

They have no respect for law. We should have no respect for them.

We are witnessing an illegal power grab. It is being executed by a gang of vicious media cutthroats and a party that will now attempt to rule by force, not by law.

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You didn’t think it could happen here? It may be about to. It can be stopped. But only by an American people who will stand up for the law when it comes to free and fair elections.

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Do we still have it in us? Do you? Do I? It will be much easier to fold, to accept it and move on. If you fight for the law now many will be against you. You will be called every name in the book. Family and friends will shun you. Are you willing to take it?

It will start slowly. First in the wallet. You will be taxed and taxed so DC will live better and better. The military will crumble. Police forces will be defunded. They will be replaced by political police. Any opposition will be limited and then silenced. The law will be ignored, as it is being in this stolen election. Then socialist rubber stamp legislatures will change it. The rule of law will be meaningless.

And it will be blatant. Democrats have shown they are not subtle. If Biden wins it will be the rule of animals, thugs, and authoritarian socialists. Your laments about the Constitution will mean nothing. They will laugh.

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The law should be a shield from tyranny, as should a free press. If Biden wins those guardians will be turned into vicious attack dogs. The law will be perverted to give them a completely free hand to do whatever they want with your life. Nothing will be spared. The churches, the civic associations, the police, the military, will all fall one by one. America will be a thing of the past. At least, the America we knew and loved.

In its place will be a ravenous beast. The law and what it’s based on will have no place here anymore. Force, brute force, will be the order of the day. Just as in this election, judicial decisions will be ignored. If someone protests they will pay a price, as may their families. And the beast will never be sated, always hungry for new lives to crush, treasure to steal, freedoms to extinguish.

We are now still, perhaps for only a short time more, a land based on laws, not on the whims of corrupt men and women. If the law wilts in the coming days, all will have to make individual decisions on what to do. These will not be easy decisions, but they must be made. A people who are yet free, and only will be free tomorrow by their own exertions, can do nothing else.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on November 8, 2020. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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Drew Berquist is a former counterterrorism officer, national security commentator, author, realist and host of This Is My Show with Drew Berquist.

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