Days before the presidential election, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has issued a warning that everyone who supports President Donald Trump needs to see.

In a new oped for Fox News, Gingrich wrote about the importance of voting, citing the history of Republicans having surprising victories over Democratic opponents even when they were trailing in the polls. After saying it’s important to vote, Gingrich added, “It is especially important for you if you want to see President Trump in a second term.”

“If all of President Trump’s supporters turn out — and all their friends and family members turn out — he will win in a landslide so large that no amount of ballot fudging will be able to overcome it,” he added. “It could also help mitigate post-election resistance by Democrats in Congress (notice I said mitigate, not eliminate).”

“Democrats spent most of Trump’s first term trying to get him out of office — much to the country’s detriment,” Gingrich continued. “If he is reelected by a large enough margin, enough of the Democrats may realize they should stop #resisting and start governing again.”

While Trump has been trailing Joe Biden in many polls, just as he was behind Hillary Clinton in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election, Gingrich pointed out that various upset victories have happened in the past because of Republican voter turnout.

“Remember: In 1980, Ronald Reagan was so far behind President Jimmy Carter in the polls a week before the election it was nearly a foregone conclusion that Carter would keep the White House,” he explained. “A week before the election, the polls showed Reagan down 8 points behind Carter.”

“But on Election Day, Reagan won a landslide 489-49 Electoral College victory over Carter,” Gingrich wrote. “This is largely because Reagan was so strong during their single televised debate held a week before Election Day.”

“Of course, the most recent, significant example of why every vote matters is Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016,” he continued.

In the end, Gingrich thinks that Trump still has a shot at this, assuming Republicans turn out to vote again.

“As I have watched the 2020 campaign cycle, I have seen a lot of the same patterns being repeated by the political elite and Washington establishment. They think they have this one in the bag,” he wrote. “So, vote, make sure all your loved one’s vote, and let’s prove them all wrong again.”