Like a proper political pundit, this analyst knows half the fun is the handicapping. The other half is pure guessing. Both go into an endgame analysis of the 2020 presidential race.


I got the popular vote right in 2016. Like then, Trump will lose the popular vote. But unlike then Trump will lose on Tuesday night, 298-240, and eventually win in the courts, as evidence of widespread Democrat fraud comes to light. But that’s just my analysis. Hope I’m wrong about Tuesday. What are the opinions of Republicans across the fruited plane?

Mary from Wisconsin, “We lose. Hate to say it but we lose. Get ready for President Biden by 330-208.”

Niko from Maryland, “Trump victory: 295-243. The two linchpins in Trump’s electoral victory will be, like in 2016, Pennsylvania and Florida. With those two states, and Trump’s lead in North Carolina, as long as Biden does not upset Trump in a reliably Republican state (unlikely,) there does not seem to be a clear path for Biden. Any further victories in battleground states become icing on the cake…Ohio: 18 electoral votes that could swing the election. A must win for Trump…Michigan: Trump won it in 2016, but it is still in play. Trump can lose it and be okay, but then he must win every other state he is predicted to take…Wisconsin: Trump will hold his 2016 lead in Wisconsin…Minnesota: Biden must be worried if he is holding a last minute campaign event in Minnesota. This reliably democratic stronghold since 1972 might flip…Nevada: Trump has been doing rather well in this Democratic state. These extra six electoral votes might come in handy if an upset occurs elsewhere.”

Nicholas in Maryland, “Pollsters will be eating their hats if Trump sweeps the Great Lakes. It seems unlikely, as he seems to have exhausted everyone but his original diehards as his “socialism” screed against Biden seems all filler, no killer. Biden wins at least 300.”

A nurse in North Carolina, “I think (hope) Trump will end up with 310. I think he will lose Michigan but pick up Minnesota. I think he will pick up New Hampshire and Nevada.
IF he lose Pennsylvania (which I am on fence over) then he will have 290 instead.”

Hilary Fordwich in DC, “Americans vote on ‘pocketbook’ issues, the price of gas, their job status and the cost of groceries. ‘Shy’ Trump supporters, who don’t share with friends, family or peers how they’ll vote and mislead pollsters, will all vote. He’ll win Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Texas and North Carolina, 280 electoral votes.”

Who do you think would win the Presidency?

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Shelly Mateer, Florida, “I predict that President Trump will take 356-375 electoral votes in the 2020 election.  He will win every state except Illinois, Oregon, Washington, Maine, New York and California. I think California will be close – if not for widespread fraud I think it could be possible to flip California – there are enough people who have had enough.”

Jennifer from Mississippi, “The president wins 340-198. He can’t lose! He’s got America and the Lord!”

Dr. Tim Blessing from Pennsylvania, “Trump keeps the southern states and a Rust Belt state. Arizona finally flips blue, but Trump picks up Minnesota. If Minnesota is lost, it comes down to NE2 or ME2. So, the call is Trump at 278 and Biden at 260. Without MN, it is Biden 270-Trump 268 unless Trump ties it by taking NE2.”

There you have it. All sorts of opinions. Good analysis, mostly, all around.