Over the past month, police in Portland, Oregon have arrested over 200 people involved in the radically leftwing protests that have continued to overtake the city. However, it has since been revealed that a whopping 90 percent of those who have been taken into custody have had charges dropped.

The Portland Police Bureau, as well as Oregon State Police, made 213 arrests in September, according to KOIN. This was down from the 295 arrests that were made in August, which was a record for the city. In both August and September, the most common charge demonstrators were arrested on was interfering with a police officer, followed by disorderly conduct and riot.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office has decided to “presumptively decline to prosecute” on all three of these charges, which is how 90 percent of those who were arrested have gotten off scot free. The district attorney’s office explained that this policy was designed to “focus limited prosecution resources on violent crimes that include property damage, assaultive behavior and actions that create a risk of injury or property destruction during a mass demonstration.”

It was reported that as of October 5, charges had been dropped in around 90% of the cases that stemmed from September’s protest activity. Nearly 10 percent of those who were arrested in September had been arrested before.

Perhaps one of the main reasons that these protests are still happening in Portland is that word has gotten around that nothing will happen to you if you are arrested for rioting. Why would these radical left-wingers stop what they are doing when there are absolutely no consequences for bringing about this level of chaos?

These protests have been ongoing all over the country ever since the death of George Floyd back in May. The riots have gotten particularly out of control in Democrat-run cities like Portland, where there are virtually no consequences for this atrocious behavior.

This all serves as a grim reminder of what could happen nationally, should a Democrat be put in the White House.