Too often minority celebrities get a pass because white commentators are sensitive to the racial aspect of questions and thus don’t go after minority celebrities because the white pundits don’t want to appear racist.

But this analyst —who is Latin/South American Indian/black— and the lovely, sharp, and gracious Candace Owens, operate under no such strictures. We minority conservatives have a special disdain for the drooling hordes of minority celebrities who, by their illiterate opinions and presentation modes, are just the type of people who do a disservice to their own by setting the bar so low.

Thus, said riff-raff, when they are called out on their self-subjugation to white liberals, strike back the only way they know how: they try and play the race card and claim, as Joe Biden hilariously did, that we aren’t black/Latin enough. Here’s the slack-jawed cretin Cardi B pulling that number. Notice her grammar:

“She [Owens] has an identity crisis. Just because she’s black, doesn’t mean she give a f—about blacks,” Cardi B is heard saying in an interview, after alleging that the father of Owens’ husband is part of a group she likened to an “upper-class KKK in the United Kingdom.” That claim is false. She also said Owens had an “identity crisis” because she has a white husband. The frothing empty-headed racism is so obvious in that line as to make absurd every other syllable she utters. Owens hits back hard and on target.

Owens said Cardi B must not be showing her face in her videos because “she is reading a script. You’re going to tell me she’s just not going to show her face in all these videos? She shows her face no matter what, no matter what she looks like. So Cardi B, stop hiding. Stop reading your DNC script. You look ridiculous.” Owens then mockingly held up a plush sheep and impersonated Cardi B in a parody of her Instagram videos.

“It is one of the biggest insults. If black Americans are not insulted by the fact that Joe Biden, who has been hiding in his basement, you know, for the entire year, made an appearance to come out because he was going do an interview with Cardi B. Do we have nothing better to offer? [Joe Biden], you are pandering. You look at Cardi B’s Instagram, and you see she has millions of followers, and you think, ‘OK, this is an illiterate person, and if I appeal to this illiterate person’… ‘They think she’s cool. She’s hip just by sitting here and taking this interview. Black people will vote for me.’ It’s basically saying, ‘black people, you are stupid, you are dumb, and you are so foolish,'” said Owens in a stinging reply to the raggedy rap singer.

“Never listen to a person that has private security but wants the public police defunded. Never listen to a multimillionaire that made it here in America, but trashes our country. These Hollywood idols are frauds, leading sheep down paths they never took when they discovered success.”

Game, set, match, Owens.