Gunshots were reportedly fired at a pro-Trump caravan as it made its way through Los Angeles, California on Sunday.

Hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump came together yesterday to stage a rally along Ventura Boulevard. A woman who was not involved with the protest told KNBC-TV  that she heard what sounded like a gunshot when she drove by it, and she was soon horrified to find that her tire was flat.

Police concluded that the tire was damaged by a projectile, possibly a bullet or bullet fragment, and a witness alerted officers to a possible shooter in a nearby apartment building. A SWAT team then descended on the apartment complex in the 20600 block of Ventura Boulevard in the Woodland Hills neighborhood, putting the building on lockdown with three suspected shooters barricaded inside.

However, after an hours-long standoff with Ventura Boulevard shut down and nearby buildings evacuated, police finally entered the apartment and found that nobody was home. They then continued to investigate the shooting.

“We assembled peacefully,” said rally participant Linda Zukovski. She added that prior to the rally start, she recorded video of men on an apartment balcony arguing with rally participants, and that bottles and fireworks were thrown at the pro-Trump participants.

“Nobody was throwing stuff back at them, nobody was screaming obscenities at them,” she said. “It was all like kind of mellow until it became violent.”

Zukovski went on to say that the rear window of a car right in front of her in the caravan was smashed by a rock or frozen water bottle. She recounted that “as we were driving by we heard the gunshot.”

Another woman who preferred not to be identified said that “the people that were in the caravan and all the Trump supporters were pretty taunting.” Thankfully, there were no reports of any injuries.