Over the past few weeks, numerous “Karen” videos have been going viral on social media. These videos show middle-aged white women, who have collectively been nicknamed “Karens,” getting into various types of messy public altercations.

Now, yet another “Karen” video is making the rounds online, and this one shows a woman being physically dragged out of a grocery store in Long Beach, California…simply because she refused to wear a mask.

When the video opens, the fight between “Karen” and her fellow customers is already in full swing. A taller woman can be seen trying to grab onto “Karen,” who appears to be trying to get her bag back from another male customer. As “Karen” asks the man to give her back her keys, the other woman manages to get hold of her arm and immediately starts trying to drag her out of the store.

“Karen” tries to resist being thrown out of the store, but since the other woman is bigger and stronger than, she never really had a chance. Within seconds, the taller woman has “Karen” out of the store, telling her to “stay out!”

This comes as the debate over masks continues to rage all over the United States, with it becoming an increasingly political conversation. Southern California is known for being particularly liberal, so it comes as no surprise that the situation there has escalated to the point where people are being assaulted for not wearing masks.

The issue with “Karen” videos like this one is that we have no idea what this woman’s situation really is. Perhaps she has an underlying medical condition that makes it impossible for her to wear a mask, or maybe she just doesn’t think she should be forced to wear a mask just because the government tells her to.

Regardless, the public should not be judging women like “Karen” simply because she is a middle-aged white female. If that isn’t racism and sexism, I don’t know what is.