At least three federal agents who were deployed to stop the violence in Portland, Oregon may be permanently blind after rioters launched a laser attack on them.

Portland has descended to chaos in the 55 days since the death of George Floyd, leaving President Donald Trump with no choice but to send in federal agents to break up the violent protests that are happening there. Though the mainstream media has tried to make it look like the rioters are not violent are, the reality is that they have been attacking the federal officers with mortars, lasers, rocks, and bottles.

Deputy Director of Federal Protective Service, Richard “Kriss” Cline revealed to reporters that on Monday, over 1,000 protesters surrounded the Mark O. Hatfield courthouse, tearing down plywood barriers as they threw various objects at the officers inside.

Cline went on to say that the rioters also set various fires in the surrounding area, and when officers were deployed to put out these fires, lasers that can cause permanent blindness were shined in their eyes.

“When officers responded to put out these fires, glass bottles were thrown and lasers – which can cause permanent blindness – were shined in their eyes,” Cline said, according to Fox News. “We have three officers who currently have eye injuries and they may not recover sight in those eyes from those laser attacks.”

Cline’s comments on the situation start at around the 15 minute mark in the video below.

Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf spoke out in this same news conference to slam Portland leaders for doing nothing to put a stop to this violence.

“These individuals carried lasers, baseball bats, explosive fireworks, metal pipes, glass bottles, accelerants, and other weapons all targeting federal facilities and federal law enforcement,” Wolf said. “And yet the city of Portland takes little to no action.”

Despite all of this, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), who represents the city of Portland, continued to argue this week that “Portland, Oregon, is not out of control,” but rather that there are simply “some people who have strong feelings.”