Senator Tim Scott endures liberal racism

The Left shows their real colors in messages left for the senator.

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Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) knows what it’s like to feel the ignorance and hate of racism directed at him from its usual purveyors, the hard Left. He told a Fox host on Tuesday about racist phone messages left at his office by rabid liberals, “We had dozens, more than a dozen of them,” Senator Scott said to Martha MacCallum. “I only played two of them (to fellow GOP senators), which were the most racially offensive comments from liberals in this country. They called to say that I was in their crosshairs.” The liberals are upset because Scott called them out on their lack of seriousness in tackling police reform.

The Left tells a black man who dares to disagree with them they are coming after him. As we have said many times, the only difference between the modern Left and the Ku Klux Klan is their choice of apparel. “It was so profanity-laced, you can’t play five seconds of those videos on your show because there are that many f-bombs, the n-word — by liberal Democrats — causing a stir in my office, threatening my life. It is the most audacious, repugnant behavior I’ve seen in a very long time.”

Do elected Democrat officials repudiate that message? No. By not doing so they give it oxygen and support. That is how they treat a black man who speaks his mind. Then they have the gall to negotiate on legislation with him, as if their own maniacs aren’t targeting him for intimidation and worse.

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“I had multiple conversations with Democrats, including those two [Booker and Harris], about what they saw that needed to be changed in the bill,” said Scott. “Now, I offered them…20 amendments to do the changing. They still walked away from the opportunity… I would certainly add to my legislation [a ban on] carotid [chokeholds]… But if that is our disagreement, that’s solved in 30 seconds.”

As to the current unrest on American streets, Scott said, “The uneducated are showing up in droves and unfortunately, they’re getting microphones because they have been empowered not by the historical perspective, not — as Congressman Clyburn said — an assessment and an evaluation based on historical understanding. That’s out the window… It’s chaos and chaos leads to anarchy. And that’s dangerous, very dangerous for this nation. And we need to force the conversation in the public forum so that adults can have conversations where we agree to disagree without being disagreeable. It can happen. It hasn’t happened in too long.”

What Tim Scott has learned, if he didn’t know already, is that along with anti-Semitism and a whole host of bigotries and irrational grievances, the modern Left is not so much a political movement as a collection of bitter and cretinous misfits who care about racial justice as much as they care about proper grooming.

Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Walter Williams, and Ben Carson have also seen their like and, just as Scott, have transcended their hatred to show the world who the real racists actually are.

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