Press double standard between Trump and Biden is obvious, but hurting Biden

It makes him sluggish and overconfident.

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It is a given in modern American politics that the press will go easy on Democrats and try to nail Republicans to the wall every chance they get.

And on first glance that seems like a total advantage for the Democrats.

And it is, to a great point.

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But it also breeds an arrogant complacency on the part of the Democrats and it shields them from the tough crucibles that would make them better candidates against Republicans. The Biden campaign is a case in point.

The mainstream media’s “absolute double standard” in comparative coverage of presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Trump over the months since the coronavirus pandemic gripped the nation has been close to absurd, said “Media Buzz” host Howard Kurtz recently on Fox News.

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“He [Biden] did five interviews in June compared to 21 interviews for President Trump. And, the media, [who] usually are demanding access: ‘we have to hold these candidates accountable,’ basically did stories saying, ‘Well, the Biden basement strategy is working because he’s going up in the polls’ rather than demanding access,” he forcefully asserted.

“Now, it actually paid some dividends for the former vice president because in response to a question…he [accused] the president…of a dereliction of duty and [hit on] that story about Russians allegedly paying bounties to the Taliban to kill Americans in Afghanistan,” said Kurtz, referring to Biden’s Tuesday press commentary.

“When you engage with reporters, you make news. It’s a law of campaign physics.”

But when you engage with a tame and docile press who will always cover for you, it makes you lazy and rhetorically flabby.

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Here’s a recent example. “Awkward! Joe Biden admitted he was given a ‘list’ of approved reporters he was instructed to call on for questions.

You’re not supposed to say that part out loud, Joe!” the Trump War Room tweeted.

If another candidate had done something like this the knives would be out. If another candidate would have committed half the gaffes Biden has he would be history.

Democrats are letting it slide because they figure it’s too late to stop now and by this time maybe some of the public are finding it endearing.

Uh, no. They are finding it annoying and troublesome.

Biden’s own people should be worried that his softball treatment from the media will make him untested and overconfident when he meets the president in debate. As the saying goes, fair seas do not make a good sailor.

“Meanwhile, the Trump campaign is trying to figure out how to attack Joe Biden. The ‘Sleepy Joe’ thing isn’t working; instead, they’re going to accuse him of being a captive of the left. That’s the new strategy,” Kurtz added. 

And it’s working.

Since Biden has gone out of his way to kowtow to the rioters, arsonists, and looters of the Left who have recently ravaged American cities, the president has gone on the offensive, as he did at Mount Rushmore.

So far, the reviews for the new message have been very good.

David Kamioner
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