The small town of Newton Falls, Ohio has just declared itself to be a “sanctuary city,” but not one for illegal immigrants. Instead, the town is a “sanctuary city” for monuments and statues that are being torn down left and right all over the United States.

City manager David Lynch spoke out over the weekend to say that the city will henceforth be a “Statuary Sanctuary City” in which monuments and statues that are under attack across America will be given amnesty, according to WFMJ-TV.

“The great leaders of our country and Western civilization, though flawed in many ways, have risen to great achievement such as the founding of our nation, the ending of slavery, establishment and protection of our national parks, the establishment of antitrust laws to protect our citizens from overaggressive monopolization of industry, and the discovery of the new world itself,” the town stated in its proclamation.

“These great leaders as represented in beautiful and artistic statuary throughout our nation deserve to stand in a place of honor and respect as a reminder that we, as Americans, can achieve great things,” added the proclamation, which went on to pledge to assemble relocated statues “in a place of honor and respect to inspire greatness and achievement.” Statues of the following historical figures will be welcomed in Newton Falls:

  • George Washington
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • Patrick Henry
  • Francis Scott Key
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Christopher Columbus

This comes as radical leftists have been trying to erase history by demanding the removal of tributes to any historical figures that they have deemed to be “offensive.” Washington is being targeted because he owned slaves, for example, and even Abraham Lincoln has come under fire despite the fact that he ended slavery. This has not been enough to save Lincoln from the “woke” mob, however, as they claim that he was not “pro-black” enough.

We applaud Newton Falls for taking a stand against “woke” cancel culture. Enough is enough, and all of this has gone way too far.