City workers acting as historical vandals, and under the orders of hard left Chicago Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot, arrived covertly in the wee hours of early Friday to remove a Christopher Columbus statue from Chicago’s Grant Park.

This happened a week after rioters fought with city police, as the Bolsheviks attempted to tear the statue down from its rightful place of honor. Now the city, under Lightfoot, has done the work of sacrilege for them. Many small thinkers and bitter race hustlers are cheering. Americans who value our common heritage may not be so sanguine.

“This statue coming down is because of the effort of black and indigenous activists who know the true history of Columbus and what he represents,” neighbor and massive cretin Stefan Cuevas Caiza-Guano told media. What the slobbering mental munchkin failed to mention was where he and his ilk might be if the land had been claimed by other than a Spanish explorer in the name of a Christian monarch.

Perhaps he would right now be enjoying the freedom of thought and advanced cultural environment of an Islamist-themed state? Or maybe the tender mercies of the Chinese Communist Party are more to his liking? And as someone of both of the racial derivations Mr. Caiza-Guano claims to speak for, I have a request of his august personage: Butt the hell out.

Some of us whose ancestors were sold into slavery by fellow Africans or whose antecedents lived in a veritable Stone Age until the Euros got here have benefited from Western innovations like basic sanitation, rule of law, electricity, medicine, and a host of other advances that brought civilization to the benighted. Or, as the comedy troupe Monty Python said in the hilarious film “The Life of Brian,”  “What have the Romans ever done for us!?”

Descendants of Italians were not amused at the historical falsification or the political thug mentality prevalent in today’s Windy City. “The Italian American community feels betrayed,” Pasquale Gianni of the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans said in a statement to press. “The Mayor’s Office is giving into a vocal and destructive minority. This is not how the democratic process is supposed to work.”

But Mr. Gianni has that wrong. That is exactly how the democratic process is supposed to work…in Chicago. From Al Capone to Richard Daley to Lori Lightfoot, the joint is to political corruption what saccharine entertainment is to Disney World—a place to wallow in the very muck of it.

This city, that has a murder rate Caligula would be impressed with, cannot stop its citizens from butchering each other like barbarous savages. But its government can focus like a laser on Stalinesque tricks of whiteout history. Such are their priorities. Such are their daily consequences of murder and mayhem. But hey, Columbus no longer stands in Grant Park. That’ll make it all better.