Fox News reported on Tuesday afternoon that “Joe Biden’s head of strategic communications, Kamau M. Marshall, has repeatedly posted sexist messages on social media over the past decade.”

The campaign with third wave feminist gorgons like Elizabeth Warren and Ilhan Omar in it’s midst also sports a top aide whose words, now quickly scrubbed from Twitter but saved by Fox News, sound like the unintentionally hilarious ramblings of a confused love guru circa 1974.

Among the gems are a Christmas Eve 2011 tweet in which Marshall expressed his affection for “power women” – as long as she “know[s] her place” and he can “where [sic] the pants.” “Where.” And this guy is head of strategic communications.

Then in 2012, Marshall asked: “Are all women crazy???? Lol no offense ijs [I’m just saying].” The next year Marshall noted, “It’s unattractive when a girl doesn’t act classy & does not know how to control her feelings.”

He couldn’t help this classic: “@kimberlyjaneece I disagree-I try not look at __or impress__Personally speaking-I enjoy the challenge & I only look & talk to CLASSY Women.” And he topped it off with, “sour, angry women” to “Keep your distance…Don’t take it out on the next man.”

The Biden campaign refuses comment on the issue, hoping the left-wing lapdog press will hardly cover it and it will go away. But some of their allies in the crazy feminist faction won’t let it go, making the brewing problem between Biden and his hard left that much worse.

Another Biden staffer does not like law enforcement and wants to defund the whole lot. But Joe and his campaign say no such thing…in public. Sara Pearl, a campaign videographer, not only called for defunding the police but then tweeted a meme saying police are worse than “pigs.”

The meme facetiously asked people to stop calling the police “pigs,” but only because pigs are “highly intelligent and empathetic animals who would never racially profile you.” Pearl added, “pigs are sweet, intelligent and compassionate,” and law enforcement are “monsters” who “don’t deserve to be called pigs.” That is the level of maturity in the Biden campaign. What was that we recently opined on “toxic femininity”?

Trump stalwart Richard Grenell hit back and called Biden to task: “Joe Biden can’t stand up to his supporters or staff who are calling to Defund the Police. The Biden campaign didn’t respond to when given the chance… Why wouldn’t the Biden campaign immediately say ‘of course we don’t support this!’??!”

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But Grenell knows why and is amusing himself. It is because Biden is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. If he throws Marshall or Pearl under the bus, many spoiled hard-left campaign staffers will feel threatened. Also, Marshall is black and Pearl is female. So those grievance lobbies would be up in arms. But let them stay after those words and it holds Biden and his campaign up as hypocrites and makes the president’s case that Biden is held hostage by the hard left. Nasty little quandary, eh Joe?