On the global stage a nation’s internal strength matters. A global power like the U.S. cannot fully protect its security interests abroad while in internal turmoil, as its total gaze is diverted and dissension plagues its ranks. U.S. adversaries Iran, Russia, China, and even nominal NATO ally Turkey are gloating and celebrating the Democrat-allied mayhem and chaos presently taking place on the streets of major American cities. Iran is touting an American “collapse.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov gleefully said the U.S. was now having to deal with police brutality and also stated the U.S. compared unfavorably with Russia. “Thank God things that happen in America do not happen in [Russia],” he said, reported by Russia’s TASS media.

Aleksey Pushkov, a senator in Russia’s parliament, happily tweeted that “the US is crumbling.” He said that U.S. withdrawals from Afghanistan and Syria were examples of “American decline.” He also chortled that the U.S. was losing power “due to COVID-19 and the inability of the US to help Europe or its allies at the peak of the pandemic.” He said America has been on a “hysterical” tirade against China and now faces “an internal schism and racial rebellion.”

Iran was tickled pink with Pushkov’s words, writing an article about it in state media Tasnim, affirming the Iranian regime’s own view. Meanwhile, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps said it was “stronger than the U.S. Army” (cue laugh track) and then screeched it was resisting the “pharaonic, dictatorial, terrorist United States.” By the way, which pharaoh? One hopes it is Yul Brynner in the “Ten Commandments,” because he rocked.

China has deployed all its state media outlets and Foreign Ministry spokesmen to emphasize the racial aspect of the riots and insinuate that this is the beginning stage of an American race war pitting Anglo-Saxons against everybody else. That theme has been picked by unreliable NATO ally Turkey, where commercial and state media have shown only lurid scenes of destruction from U.S. cities, while leaving out any police response. The clear inference is that the U.S. has descended into massive and overwhelming internal rebellion that threatens the hold of the federal government.

The Jerusalem Post reports, “Concern over the rise of these countries has led to other countries scrambling to counter-balance. Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, the UAE and France as seeking to counter Turkey’s growing role in the Mediterranean. Globally, US allies are concerned that the chaos in the US, where the US military is now being deployed, could represent a decline of US ability to concentrate abroad. That will mean all those that have been waiting for the US to reduce its footprint will be running to fill the vacuum… The goal of Turkey, Iran, China and Russia during the current US crises is to use it to their advantage to press gains. Turkey has been flooding Libya with weapons and Syrian mercenaries during the crisis. China has pushed up against India in a border dispute. Iran is flexing its muscles at home and sending tankers to Venezuela. Russia has sent warplanes to Libya and Syria [emphasis added].”

When the big cat is occupied elsewhere, the mice will seek to take advantage of his averted focus. That could cost American lives and treasure in the not-so-distant future. But Biden, Pelosi, and Hillary don’t care, as long as they can sponsor those street terrorists who hurt America, and by doing so, grab the Oval Office for the Democrats.