NBC News, an organization that has spared no time or expense in going after every conservative it can find, (including President Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh) on fictitious sexual misdeeds is now itself under investigation for sexual harassment.

This is not exactly a surprise development concerning the network that covered up Matt Lauer’s antics for many years and also had a cozy relationship with Harvey Weinstein. But the interesting part is that the probing office is fellow hard-left sanctuary: the Attorney General’s Office of New York state. Somebody at the Peacock network must have really stepped in horse manure to draw this level of attention from a leftist team player.

The inquisition was detailed by reporter Rich McHugh Monday night on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” When asked by the host whether he had info that NBC News was in the NY AG’s crosshairs, McHugh said, “Yes I have, Tucker. That is true. I’m aware of it. I’ve been looking into it for a story. It was the New York Attorney General’s office civil division, so we’re not sure if it could lead into anything criminal, but I do know that they’ve been looking into this and interviewing employees over a number of months.”

“Well, that’s kind of amazing,” responded Carlson. “So, just to be completely clear…the New York Attorney General’s office is looking into NBC News. Remarkable.”

The fallout from the probe took its first scalp, as NBC jettisoned embattled and perv-protecting NBC News Chairman Andy Lack (pictured above) to rid itself of a target on its back. Fox News reports, “Lack previously had feuded with Farrow [reporter Ronan Farrow] over the network’s handling of his Weinstein reporting… Lack ‘decided to step down and will transition out of the company at the end of the month,’ the company announced in a statement on its organizational restructure, taking effect immediately.”

It’s a sinking ship and they’re throwing the first mate overboard to feed the sharks. They don’t seem to realize that the subsequent blood in the water will only draw more sharks.