Exposed! The #MeToo movement is nothing more than the political weapon it was designed to be.

There, I said it.

Alyssa Milano, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and all the celebrity talking heads who call themselves feminists stormed after Brett Kavanaugh with pitchforks, inciting an angry mass mob virtually foaming at the mouths after him. Overnight, he went from being a highly esteemed judge with a squeaky-clean record and 30 years of honorable service to being labeled a “sexual predator.” All without a shred of credible evidence.

Just one woman, who came out of nowhere, accused him of something that supposedly happened thirty years earlier in high school. It didn’t matter that Christine Blasey Ford’s story had more holes and inconsistencies in it than Swiss cheese. Nor that she couldn’t remember pertinent details and had no one to corroborate the story.

The Left was game to destroy his family, his career, his life of achievements and rip his reputation to shreds. They whipped up their mob of millions on the Left and got the hashtags #MeToo and #BelieveWomen trending for weeks. They staged a dramatic #BelieveSurvivors National Walkout day to “show solidarity” with Christine Ford, with women across the nation wearing all-black because, as they repeated ad nauseum, “women should be believed and any woman who has a story of sexual harassment should be heard.”

Flashback of just a sample of statements from these figureheads during this time: 

  • Joe Biden—”For a woman to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real.”
  • Hillary Clinton—“Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.” And “Hillary’s message to survivors of sexual assault: We’re with you.”

Right from the beginning, I have been writing and sounding the alarm about the fraudulent nature of the #MeToo movement and the long-term collateral damage it will carry. I wrote about it in my book “Making Love Great Again” and have talked about it on the news and at conferences. I was attacked mercilessly for doing so and called the nastiest names in the book by women and “feminists”—I’m a woman-hater, a misogynist, a whore, my mother should have aborted me, etc.

Fast-forward a year later, and boy how things suddenly changed for the #MeToo activists.

Enter Tara Reade, a woman who became one among eight other women who accused Joe Biden of inappropriately touching. She has a story, too, and she has allegations of sexual assault. She’s become more vocal about it this year; witnesses who corroborate her story have been coming forward and saying that Tara told people, including Larry King, as far back as the early 1990s.

And, not a peep from feminists. The mainstream media is radio silent. Any bits of coverage it’s this story has received is minuscule and quickly buried. And even worse, these same figureheads are expressing outright adoration for Joe Biden and proudly endorsing him. Just like in the case with Juanita Broaddrick, or Corey Booker and Al Franken’s accusers, I see liberals performing extreme mental gymnastics worthy of Olympic gold medals to somehow justify why MeToo doesn’t apply in Tara Reade’s situation.

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I can’t sit here in this filth of hypocrisy and disingenuity anymore.

Sexual assault, harassment and domestic violence should not be a Left or Right issue. If anything, this should be an issue that unites us, as genuine abuse doesn’t discriminate and crosses political lines. But the Left turned it into a political weapon. And who are the real victims of this weapon? Who loses the most?

Not “Republicans.” Not “Democrats.” Real victims of harassment, assault and domestic violence. Real victims will hardly be believed anymore, and they can thank the Left and feminists for that.

People who come out with allegations now are thought of as almost a joke, the boy who cried wolf, and fall on deaf ears. I know personally, because I am myself a survivor of sexual extortion, abuse and stalking. It’s a terrible thing to go through that, and it’s a terrible thing to not be believed.

Not to mention the other short-sighted chess move the Left stupidly played of continuously lumping “#AllMen” into one category of would-be rapists and predators. According to the #MeToo crowd, all men were guilty and were to be held responsible for the predatorial actions of some, and thus the onus was put on all men to “do better” and “change.” had a gem of an article, one of many in the media that perpetuated this nasty “all men are toxic” narrative. Well, newsflash: A surefire way to turn good men into bad men is by repeatedly shaming all of them when they’ve done no wrong. And what about the impact on relationships between men and women?

Work and Mentorship Relationships: Up from 46% a year ago, now 60% of male managers now say they are uncomfortable mentoring, socializing with or even working alone with women in the workplace, according to a survey released last year by female empowerment site, written by Sheryl Sandberg and Marc Pritchard. And 21% of men said they were reluctant to even hire women for jobs involving close interpersonal interactions with men, while 27% said they avoided one-on-one meetings with women. I’m sure that percentage has gone way up by now.

Romantic Relationships: A majority of men and young boys are also more reluctant to date and be in relationships with women, avoid being alone with them socially, and are worried about getting falsely accused of sexual harassment or assault by women. Can you blame them? This may actually be one of the saddest consequences, at a time when the marriage rate is alarmingly low and the birth rate in America is at its lowest point in history, below “replacement level.”

Because the Left was so short-sighted on this, or they knew the long-term impacts of this and they simply didn’t care, trust between men and women is now broken and wounds have been created that will take a long time, if at all, to repair.

But, long-term societal collateral damage be damned, so long as the Left got their short-term political goals achieved. The Left and feminists, who are supposedly all about empowering and supporting women, have set women back 50-plus years.

Is this progress?

No more hypocrisy. No more games. No more “accountability and justice” for one side only. We cannot continue as a country like this, looking the other way when blatant hypocrisies like these present themselves.

This moment demands a choice. It’s one or the other: Either MeToo is a fraudulent biased political weapon, or it’s legitimate and honest and therefore you retract your support for Joe Biden.

Or, the third option is you admit that accusers deserve due process before they get persecuted; not “all men” are bad, and not all women are to be believed. We can still listen to and support victims, but until all the facts and evidence are revealed, it’s wrong to hang someone in the court of public opinion as “guilty” and destroy their life and reputation.

It might take a long time (if ever) to heal the wounds and trust issues men now have with women due to the damage created from the radicalized #MeToo, but if women can openly admit these truths and we can start the conversation, it’s at least a start in the right direction.

This can be a teachable moment for leaders to be examples by admitting the truth. And you know, deep in your heart, what the truth is. You may still decide to support Joe Biden, but at the very least you should openly admit the truth to yourself and others who were so outspoken during the persecution of Brett Kavanaugh. This is the moment of truth. Will you take it?

DeAnna Lorraine is a conservative activist & former congressional candidate against Nancy Pelosi.