Higher education in this country has been radicalized since the American suicide attempt of the 1960s. Now, those hideous Bolshevik urchins who were thankfully given a what for on the streets of Chicago in 1968 infest the faculties of colleges and universities in this country. One of the worst outbreaks of these ideological bedbugs is at Columbia Law School in New York City.

The school is predictably progressive on all issues and thus went after Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings. But now, when the rape sneaker is on the other foot, the law school thinks Joe Biden can do no wrong even though Biden is accused of a much worse crime than Kavanaugh ever was by any of his detractors.

Columbia Law School went so far in 2018 as to establishing a new, mandatory sexual misconduct education initiative. Then scores of faculty members signed an unintentionally hilarious petition in The New York Times stating the nominee’s “temperament” alone was disqualifying.  Radicalized boneheaded students, of course, staged round-the-clock protests. But you should have some pity. Because to get into this school one has to be a certain type of knuckle-dragging prog simpleton.

Not well-educated or articulate at the best of times, controversy brings out the saddest aspects of the NYC/DC/L.A. bubble they live in. This self-imposed intellectual ghetto renders them as worldly and sophisticated as a resident of backwoods Appalachia circa 1740. Though, those backwoodsmen had a lot more courage and common sense than most grads of Columbia Law.

So, naturally, they invited Joe Biden to be the commencement speaker at their upcoming graduation. Do they have any concern with the rape charges hanging over his head? Nahhhh…

In fact, Columbia Law School’s Dean Gillian Lester praised Biden for setting an “example” as a “leader, lawyer, and public servant.” But she wasn’t the only one. Let’s look at the poor slow-witted souls at Columbia Law who have no idea, bless their hearts, that their pathetic hypocrisy is as blatant as it is.

Prof. Bernard E. Harcourt, dealt with the Kavanaugh hearings “with great distress” due to “the unprecedented and unfathomable demeanor of Judge Kavanaugh.” On Biden? No comment.

Jeffrey Gordon, a capital markets and corporate governance professor, said, “My opposition to Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation was not based on the allegations by Dr. Ford, per se, but rather on:  (1) the lack of judicial temperament appropriate for a Supreme Court Justice as revealed by  (i) his arrogant, self-pitying, partisan, and disrespectful testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee and (ii) his history as a partisan warrior [sic] in the Special Counsel investigation of President Clinton and in the Bush White House, and (2) my belief that his ideological commitments were outside the judicial mainstream.”

So Gordon loathes Kavanaugh on other grounds and is clearly mentally disturbed, given his description of the Kavanaugh hearings. But, about Tara Reade? “I disbelieve the Tara Reade allegations in light of extensive reporting by Vox, Politico, PBS and others.” Gee, it’s good he has such a wide array of news sources. He also “tended to believe Ford’s allegations.”

Columbia Law Associate Prof Joshua Mitts said his problem with Kavanaugh was “based on the fact that his behavior at the confirmation hearings, especially his entirely inappropriate politicization of the hearings and his baseless claims about their origins in the Clinton camp, showed crude political partisanship and a complete lack of judicial temperament.”

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Notice the theme here? Oh sure, we believed Ford. But it had nothing to do with what we thought of Kavanaugh. We hated him for the usual far left loony baseless reasons.

“I don’t see evidence of Joe Biden acting that way,” Mitts went to say on charges that Biden is a partisan as well. He then quoted from the letter he signed, along with nearly 2,000 other law professors and 44 Columbia Law School faculty members, citing Kavanaugh’s “aggressive,” “discourteous,” and “partisan” demeanor. Well, it’s good that Joshua thinks for himself.

But strangely enough, Mitts did admit something interesting to the press, “To the extent that certain ideas are somehow off-limits, we have a major problem in the academy — and I’m not the first person to say this, I mean, this is something university presidents have spoken to. It is critically important that we debate and discuss all ideas.”

Perhaps, given Mitts’ admission, there is some hope for him yet. As for the rest of the hopeless minions of Columbia Law? Too far gone to be of any real use or value to society. Thus, make them law school professors.