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Why we’ll make it through the coronavirus epidemic

Americans are tough and we've met hard challenges before.

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There are Chicken Littles out there who think the effects of the coronavirus will permanently damage America. Well, is it likely to make some permanent changes upon the national scene? Yes. But we can come out of it better and stronger as a nation, as the president has noted, and some of the changes may be for the better.

There are many Americans alive who came through the Great Depression (another FDR/Democrat-inspired economic fiasco), WWII (in the end FDR almost gave away the store to the Soviets), Korea (a victory turned into a draw), and Vietnam. Don’t get us started on that one.

Closer to our time there has been Watergate, the Carter administration, the Iranian hostage crisis, the 70s as a whole, the 1987 stock market crash, Desert Storm, the Clinton impeachment, 9-11, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the 2008 crash, the Obama administration, and the Russian, Mueller, and impeachment hoaxes.

During all of those times Americans have been tested to the breaking point. Yet every single time, not without hard sacrifice and challenge, America has come through. And through those times, we learned.

We learned about the perfidy of modern Iran, about how weak leaders invite aggression, and how the media and the Democrats try to bring down by any means any president they don’t like. We also now know well the folly of wars we never set out to really win. The blood, national treasure, and national confidence all expended in these fights drew down American patience and strength. But not to the point that we thought of completely losing ourselves as a nation.

That same resolve will be seen now.

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Over the next 2-3 weeks it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Thursday morning we learn the national death toll is above 5000. It seems to be rising a thousand a day. Models call for the death toll peaking around 4/15 at over 2000 a day.

However, no matter how much or how long we have to suffer, Americans will fight through to ultimate victory. Like London during the WWII Blitz, America can take it.

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