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Trump campaign donating meals to first responders

They are buying meals for doctors and nurses in hospitals.

While the Democrats think of new ways to slip socialism into coronavirus relief packages, while Nancy Pelosi tries to get herself a tax break through legislation, while Joe Biden stumbles through another presser, while Hollywood whines that no one is paying attention to them, the Trump reelection campaign has been quietly donating meals to first responders, doctors, and nurses at a dozen hospitals in New York, New Jersey, Washington state, and Michigan.

The Trump campaign issued no press release on their activities. Fox News heard about it from the restaurants themselves, who are also being helped by the so far tens of thousands of dollars in meal purchases.

Cynics may say that Trump is only trying to look good in those states for political reasons. If you hear someone say that, you’re listening to an idiot. No one, including the president and his campaign, thinks he has any shot whatsoever in the fall in New York or Washington state and probably not in New Jersey.

Nope, they are just being decent people. The campaign also plans to expand the program in the near future. How are they doing it? A person using their own name, no mention of the campaign, calls a restaurant in those states and orders dozens of meals, sometimes over 100, to be delivered to a local hospital. The payment given is from a Trump campaign account.

Are the Trump people oblivious to the good PR on this? No. It’s case of the old Kissinger axiom that says, “Sometimes a course of action presents itself that has the added benefit of being the right thing to do.” Ah, Henry.

This effort is just part and parcel of the way the president and his campaign are looking at the crisis. They are working for all of Americans, not only for those they can reap political benefit from. We’d recommend the practice to the Democrats. But we know our counsel would fall on deaf ears.

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