The American people do not trust the press. That is shown in poll after poll. The only institution that scores lower is Congress. But an honest effective press is vital to a republic. The five media outlets below betray that principle for cheap political gain.

5. ABC: From the days of Sam Donaldson during the Reagan administration to Clinton shill George Stephanopoulos today, ABC has made sure to carry water for the Democrats. However, they do it very badly. Their evening new show is popular with liberals, but doesn’t play well outside the NYC/Los Angeles bubble. They follow every leftist fad and attack angle.

4. NBC: They are at the point they have become comical. Gone are the unbiased days of David Brinkley and Chet Huntley. They have been replaced by leftist robots who will mouth any absurdity no matter how silly as long as it fits the Democrat message. Their nightly news is sinking and their morning shows are so debased that preschoolers feel intellectually superior to the interviewers. They ceased to be legitimate over a generation ago.

3. CBS: Walter Cronkite was considered America’s newsman. Though liberal, he had won his spurs in WWII, going on bombing missions with the U.S. 8th Air Force over Europe. Nobody like that at CBS anymore. The network is filled with airheads and soap opera stars masquerading as media. Out of the big three broadcast networks they are the most liberal and the most irrelevant.

2. MSNBC: Do we even have to say this? Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, Brian Williams—do we have to go on? Officially not exclusively a news network, but with a large prime-time opinion staff, they are proud of the leftist stances. They are constantly found to be wrong, yet they go on without a pause. They are the unofficial opposition to…America.

1. CNN: Don Lemon, Jim Acosta, etc. You get the drift. They combine the worst of both worlds, they’re stupid and they’re leftist. Their ratings are so bad (much to the president’s delight) only the slow and the deranged watch them anymore. Even MSNBC is legit compared to them. They are the modern equivalent of a Soviet news rag, but with worse graphics.