Following an absolute meltdown on his SiriusXM radio show this week, Chris Cuomo is trying to clarify the intent behind his shocking remarks.

During Monday’s show Cuomo said, “I don’t want to spend my time doing things that I don’t think are valuable enough to me personally.” He continued, “I don’t value indulging irrationality, hyper-partisanship.”

“I don’t like what I do professionally,” he added. “I don’t think it’s worth my time.”

However, on Tuesday’s show Cuomo backpedaled saying “it’s not true.” He further stated “it wasn’t about CNN. It wasn’t about me wanting to leave my job.”

“I have never been in a better position, professionally, than I am in right now,” he told listeners. “They’ve been so good. They’ve been so supportive of me in ways I could never have imagined. … I’ve never had a group of people professionally care about me the way they have shown. I’ll never be able to repay them, but I’ll try hard to do so. I’ve never been more grateful. I’ve never been on a better team.”

Cuomo also announced during his apology tour that he had signed an extension with CNN and heaped praise on the network’s leadership, thanking them for the opportunity.

So, unfortunately, it would seem that Americans will be stuck listening to Fredo for an indefinite period of time.  Thankfully you can change the channel.