For once a reporter asked a pertinent question at a White House daily virus briefing. On Friday one reporter asked President Trump if he was aware of U.S. Intelligence reports that the Obama administration sponsored the Wuhan lab, the same lab coronavirus may have come out of, to the tune of $3.7 million in 2015.

The president does not usually speak of ongoing intel matters and said he would follow up the query. However, if it is true then the regime of the disgraced 44th president gave millions of U.S. tax dollars to a facility that was probably thought to be, even then, a biowarfare lab making toxins and viruses that target American troops and possibly American civilians. If it is true it would represent a betrayal of U.S. interests on par with the worst of Obama’s actions.

Other matters discussed at the Friday briefing included the president’s announcement that 80 million deposits of stimulus funds have been made into American bank accounts. He also was pleased that over 3.78 million virus tests have been conducted in a short time.

A reporter asked what he thought of idiot Democrat Governor Jay Inslee of Washington state who claimed the president was “fomenting rebellion” by encouraging people to lobby their state governments to reopen. No Jay, you Howdy Doody yutz, the president is not Jefferson Davis and you show your Bolshie slip by regarding the constitutionally guaranteed right of Americans to seek redress as “rebellion.”

President Trump also said that authoritarian Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam’s action to shut down state gun shops was “a horrible thing,” and he dinged Nancy Pelosi, “Not doing her job. This is not something new.”

Trump praised the idea of a payroll tax cut and admonished the media for reporting the U.S. had suffered the most virus deaths when common sense would mark China for that deadly honor. He finished by hoping he could resume campaign rallies by the fall and slammed the World Health organization as “pathetic” and “weak.”