One of the best things about having a successful private sector billionaire in the Oval Office is that he knows how the real world works. Donald Trump is not a creature of DC, where people count who’s up and who’s down in politics and DC society instead of the ups and downs of the markets.

The president has worked the phone and from the beginning assembled a private sector team that has taken the lead in fighting this virus.

Ford, GM, Humana, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Abbott, Carnival Cruise, UPS, FedEx, and many other firms have joined in the “can do” wartime spirit just as their corporate forbearers like, well, Ford and GM, kept the production lines going that won WWII for the Free World.

Trump has done this after just going through three years of persecution by a rabid Democrat House of Representatives. Perhaps that steeled him for this challenge.

But can you possibly imagine the complete and utter dog’s breakfast the virus response would be if, instead of the president, that career statist tinhorn Hillary Clinton had been elected in 2016?

After no doubt three years of taxing and regulating the private sector to death, she would not be popular with businesses large or small. She would have zero credibility with them and, not being able to persuade like Trump, she would mandate business compliance of virus efforts and then try to extend that power well beyond the time of the virus.

Her shrill castigation of her perceived enemies in the private sector, her well-practiced Evita routine, would alienate the very people in business who are the only ones who could get us out of the crisis with any efficiency or alacrity.

Hillary would overreact to the crisis and throw caution to the wind. Troops would be on the streets and the state would take over many private firms. That would be much to her megalomaniacal delight and would thrill her socialist supporters.

The rest of America, with infantry patrols in their neighborhood policing violations of martial law and “anti-virus speech”, wouldn’t matter much to her, if it ever did at all.