Coronavirus Task Force member and rising star Dr. Deborah Birx has been a centerpiece of an astounding team that has inspired confidence in the American people in regards to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus.

She, along with President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, has implored American citizens to express caution, practice social distancing and protect our more vulnerable population while also offering encouragement.

And despite the mainstream media’s considerable efforts to sway the populous into believing that President Trump has handled the pandemic poorly, and that scores of Americans will perish from the virus, Dr. Birx and the team have fought back with facts and reason.

She did so again this week, pushing back against the notion that New York, perhaps the epicenter for the virus in the United States, was out of ICU beds and ventilators. Dr. Birx explained that still has plenty of both.

See the video.

The coronavirus has certainly scared a great deal of our population, and the fear is not completely without reason.  However, panic has quickly become the main pandemic as the numbers related to the virus are still favorable on a grand scale, while not ideal.

It’s imperative that the mainstream media begins to cover the pandemic in a responsible manner and help assure the American public that this can and will be defeated.

This will also require them to share recent poll numbers that have President Trump with a 60% approval rating for his handling of the crisis, something they most certainly to not want to do.