The two worst reporters in history

When you need unbiased media, today they are almost always AWOL.

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In this time of American crucible there are a lot of heroes: the nurses, the doctors, the first responders, and the National Guard are on that list. They join cops, firefighters, the military, and a whole host of others who are so vital to America now and always.

But there is one group conspicuously off that list: reporters. It wasn’t always this way. Not too long ago, during times of national peril, we could look to Ed Murrow, David Brinkley, Chet Huntley, Frank Reynolds, and other good, solid journalists for fair, unbiased, fact-based reporting. There are still good journos around, Brit Hume being an example.

However, reporters like him have largely, not totally, been supplanted by propagandists for the Left wing. Men and women who will tell any lie, attack any person, spread any falsehood as long as it advances the cause of authoritarian socialism. But they weren’t the first. Even the Murrows and Brinkleys had dirt-bags in their time. So, in their time and before, here are the worst of the lot.

Kim Philby: As many do, as some at this publication have, British reporter Kim Philby traded a life in the Intelligence services for a life as a journalist. He had risen very high in British Intelligence. He eventually left and took up a job in the 1950s as an overseas reporter for two British papers, The Observer and The Economist. The entire time, in intel work and as a reporter, he was a Soviet spy. It was the worst intel disaster for the West during the entire Cold War.

Philby was a mole assigned by the KGB to worm his way into the loftiest reaches of the establishment and betray the West from within. For decades, he was effective. Many brave U.S. and U.K. intel agents died because they were sold out by Philby. When he became a reporter, he stopped being an active double agent and became an agent of influence. His work was much like those in today’s media who do the work of Communist China on the coronavirus. He also did much damage as a reporter. Justice escaped Philby, as he defected to Moscow in the middle of his life as journalist. There he died an old man covered in Marxist glory. We would hope another, less cushy sentence awaited him after death.

Walter Duranty: Communists are notorious for using starvation as a weapon against their own populations. The Khmer Rouge did it, the Mengistu regime in Ethiopia did it, the Chinese Communist do it.

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But the worst, in many types of repression, were the Russian Soviets. In the 1930s in Ukraine they starved 30 million to death because they would not totally submit to the Soviet yolk of oppression. History has termed it “The Holodomor.” Who covered it up and was later an apologist for them in print? New York Times reporter Walter Duranty. For his service, he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. That is how the press establishment treats its own who cover up for the death of tens of millions murdered by communists. They give them accolades and awards. The Times was no doubt very proud.

Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, and Chuck Todd follow in Duranty’s dark footsteps. They will say anything, no matter how big or vicious the lie, to hurt President Donald Trump. If it also hurts the nation, as it could in this time of crisis, it doesn’t matter to them. They are committed to the core to their twisted socialist mission. Americans should be aware of this and treat them like the journalistic viruses that they are, avoiding them at all costs.

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