Study refutes Pelosi and Biden claims on coronavirus

According to the prestigious Johns Hopkins University the administration was ready for the coronavirus.

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Setting up one of their fall campaign messages, the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, and the Biden campaign have charged that the Trump administration did not take the coronavirus seriously, saw it as a “hoax,” was not ready for it, and fired vital pandemic personnel before the virus hit our shores. All of those charges have been exposed as lies.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and even the leftist Washington Post in separate pieces found that the U.S. was the best-prepared country in the world to handle a pandemic. The Hopkins study was done in late 2019, a mere several months ago. It was written by over 100 experts from 13 nations.

The Democrat “hoax” charge has been nullified by numerous media outlets, including the Associated Press reporting that claim “distorts the facts.” Did Trump fire vital health security workers? No again.

Fox News reports, “Rear Adm. R. Timothy Ziemer reportedly was ousted as senior director, and no replacement was named. But, has determined that the matter amounted to a reorganization, and that ‘some team members [of the NSC pandemic office] were shifted to other groups, and others took over some of [the top official’s] duties’. The White House says the NSC remains involved in responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

“A senior administration official said earlier this month that the NSC’s global health security directorate was absorbed into another division where similar responsibilities still exist, but under different titles. The work of coordinating policy and making sure that decisions made by Trump’s coronavirus task force are implemented is still the job of the NSC.”

If this is all the Democrats have they might as well pack up their kit and go home. The blatant lies, so easily refuted even by their own media allies, will also not be given the time of the day by a majority of the American people.

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