Rosie O’Donnell, who has been in a bitter feud with Donald Trump for over a decade, just spoke out to slam the president for his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“There’s tremendous confusion, and it comes right from President Trump and it started from him saying it was a hoax, a Democratic hoax,” said O’Donnell, 57, according to People.

O’Donnell was pushing the false narrative that Trump had called coronavirus a “hoax” during a speech at the end of February. In reality, he never called the virus a hoax, and instead only called Democrats politicizing coronavirus a “hoax.” Despite this, liberals like O’Donnell have continued to spread the lie that Trump referred to coronavirus as a “hoax.”

“At this level of crisis that he would choose to go that way I mean—he really is such a disappointment to so many people on so many different levels,” O’Donnell added.

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The comedian went on to attack Trump for saying that Americans will be able to get tested for coronavirus if they need to be.

“We needed the test kits months ago. No one answered why he decided to not take the World Health Organization tests. I think it was for him to try making the tests in the United States,” O’Donnell said. “We need to —when this is over— to get through the reasons why things happened as they did, so we can make sure this never happens again. We’re looking forward to a time when the nation has a leader they can trust, who doesn’t lie to them.”

In the end, O’Donnell said that she believes Americans will vote Trump out of office in the November election. “In November I think Americans will use their voices loud and strong,” O’Donnell concluded.

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Given her clear deranged bias against Trump (that she has had for years), O’Donnell might just be the last person that anyone should listen to when it comes to the president. She was consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome long ago, and she’s now resorted to peddling blatant lies about the president just to make him look bad. Trump could personally find a cure for coronavirus, and O’Donnell would still find a way to spin it into an attack on him.

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Contrary to what O’Donnell said, Trump has been doing a great job protecting Americans from this pandemic. The words of a bitter old has-been like O’Donnell are not going to sway the average American from seeing all the good that Trump has done for our country.