Political donations a touchy issue with coronavirus, Trump has an advantage

The American people may not be in a mood to give to certain politicians.

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A big GOP advantage going into the fall election is that they had no contentious primary season to go through, thus saving their financial ammo for the fall. Also, given the president’s excellent performance on the virus response, money is flowing into GOP coffers and the president’s reelection campaign without the campaign having to push for it.

The Biden campaign and the Democrats are in another boat altogether.

They not long ago finished a bruising primary campaign season and just when they could have started to gear up financially and otherwise for the fall, the virus hit.

Joe Biden’s response to the crisis has been sad and pathetic. So much so that there is wide talk of replacing him on the ticket, though God knows how. It brings up a salient point: How are Democrat donors, bundlers, and slack-jawed true believers supposed to donate to a fall presidential campaign when the party itself is not completely sure who the nominee will be after the primary season is effectively over?

And anyway, now is not a good time for politicians to hit people up for cash.

The virus has resulted in mass layoffs, business closures, and unemployment. Yes, help from the stimulus package is on the way. However, do you think the first thing an out of work clerk or hairdresser is going to say when they get their stimulus money is, “Gee, I’m a month behind on my rent and utilities. But Joe Biden needs the money more than I do.”

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Not quite.

Unlike the president, Biden can’t self-fund because although he’s rich, his money is standard law/politics rich, not billionaire with a hot wife private sector rich.

Bloomberg could come to the rescue if he wanted to. But Mike will talk big and then keep the lion’s share of his money. $500 million, he likely thinks, is more than enough for 2020.

So what does Biden do in the fall? Looking at the president’s poll numbers now and Trump’s war chest for November there is but one thing Joe should do…pray.

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